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Free Coupons with the Orlando Sentinel Advertising Supplement

I’m sure those of you who read the Orlando Sentinel enjoy reading the couponing section that I have in the picture but that’s not the reason that I am posting this picture. This was actually the Orlando Sentinel Advertising Supplement that arrived at my house on Saturday morning for free. It came with all three of this weeks coupon inserts. If the Sentinel starts giving these out every Saturday that could be a great way to get more free coupons.

I recently wrote about how to get even more free coupons with the El Sentinel. Click here to read that article.

Free Coupons with Free El Sentinel Subscription

If you live where you are able to receive an Orlando Sentinel subscription you should call or e-mail them to request a free subscription to the El Sentinel, the Spanish version of the paper. It is delivered on Saturday mornings and often contains most or all of the same coupon inserts as the regular Sunday paper. Sometimes it also contains an extra coupon insert, the Smart Source in Spanish, that usually has different coupons than the regular Smart Source. This is a great way to get a free paper and free coupons. It also usually contains the Parade magazine.

You can also click HERE to subscribe for free on their website.

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