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CVS Thanksgiving / Black Friday Sale! Spent- $20.12 and Saved- $114.43


My haul from the CVS Thanksgiving sale last night! Probably my favorite shopping trip of the year! This is my Black Friday shopping. Here is the breakdown-

Spent- $20.12

Saved- $114.43

Number of CVS cards- 2

Number of Transactions- 12

ECBs (CVS store dollars) Left Over- $5

This sounds like a lot until you know that we were the only ones in the store and they allowed my sister and I to use our boyfriend’s cards to do more deals. They had tons of stuff so we weren’t clearing any shelves. I had $8 ECBs  left on one card so I used it to pick up some mostly free groceries or I would have had $13 ECBs left. There are close ups of my haul below below.

AND this required very, very few coupons. We only used about 2 newspaper coupons and 2 CVS printer coupons per transaction so most of these deals don’t require coupons!

If you want to see these deal match ups you can view the CVS Ad at CVS.com here or the coupon match ups at SouthernSavers.com here.

Here is one additional deal I didn’t see elsewhere-

CVS Multi-pack Toothbrushes $2.99
- Use $1 off CVS Toothbrushes coupon from the CVS coupon printer
- Receive $2 ECBs
Price after coupon and ECBs- FREE!



My $1.50 Coffee Pot

imageWe were very sad when our Black & Decker coffee pot died. Enough has been said about saving money on coffee by brewing it at home but we do make our own coffee every day. I do love waking up to a hot cup of coffee. After the death of our coffee pot, we made coffee every day in our french press (given to us by my aunt because she had an extra one) for about two weeks. This, in my opinion, took longer and used more electricity. I decided that I didn’t want to go to the store to buy a new one. I was determined to buy one second hand. Not because I couldn’t afford a new one, but because of the principle of knowing I have seen a million coffee pots at thrift shops in my lifetime. Lo and behold, I found one at one of our favorite thrift shops for $1.50! And it’s a Black & Decker (brands mean nothing to me unless it’s to brag about how cheaply I purchased an expensive item). And it’s actually nicer than our old coffee pot.

This only encourages me to purchase more items second hand. It saves money, helps the environment, and helps the non-profit running the thrift shop.

Free Replacement Otter Box Phone Case

phone1-no nameI have a great phone, a Galaxy SIII, that was a gift for my birthday from B last year. I decided on this phone because it helps me to run this website and also my online business. Knowing that I’m a slightly clumsy person my brother added on to this gift and bought me a very expensive (but cheaper than a new phone or warranty) Otter Box case for it. I LOVE, LOVE that case because I didn’t buy the warranty that came with my phone and I am sure that the case has saved my phone over and over, aka when I dropped it in the parking lot, splashed it with water in the restaurant dish pit, etc. Unfortunately the silicone outside cover has expanded over time and no longer fits well and it has also started to wear out in a few places.

Today at work, I ran into a lady who sells phones for a living and I happened to mention that I wanted to use the warranty to replace my case but had lost my receipt. She informed me that the phone store I bought it at would be able to print a copy, so I stopped on my way home and they did. When I got home I called Otter Box and gave them some serial numbers off of the case and they sent me an e-mail with a link to upload some photos (including the one above but with my name on it) and apparently they are sending me a new case. Yay! I didn’t even need the receipt!

I will post an update when the phone case arrives but that was great customer service, it has saved my phone and now I get a replacement for free? Definitely worth the price my brother paid for it!

*I am not an affiliate of Otter Box nor have I received any compensation for writing this article


Free Notebook Paper

imageI started my Master’s degree and teaching earlier this year and I haven’t had to buy almost any school supplies. I had saved my old binders and folders from my undergraduate years and B’s mom gave me the ultimate faculty accessory- a rolling bag!  We did end up buying a few notebooks and blank printer paper.

I realized that with finals week approaching, I needed some college ruled line paper to my mother and she happily gave us 4 packs that had been sitting in a cabinet for years. She also scooped up some graph paper and an old clip board. Little did she know that I had been wanting a clip board for teaching.

It never hurts to tell people when you are looking for things because you never know who might want to get rid of them!

8-6-13 Thrift Shop Finds

imageI fell in love with this little decorated drawer set. It looks like a cabinet which I like but I do think that the drawers are more practical. And it was only $2.99! The pattern on the front is very in style right now so I think with a coat of paint (green maybe?) it would look like a really cool, expensive piece.

imageI also bought this framed print for $1.99. Not sure where I’m going to put it yet.

imageThese shadow boxes with inlaid clips were only $1.50 and $1.99 each and they will be great to display pictures and souvenirs from our travels.

Overall, a really fun trip! I also bought tons of clothes for .50 cents each but I will write about that later.

AT&T U-verse Anniversary Gift- Free $15 Visa Gift Card and a Movie

imageFor our 2 year anniversary with At&t U-verse they sent us a Free $15 Visa Card and a Movie. We have to follow some steps online to redeem them but it’s still a nice gift. The idea is to get take out with the gift card and then a free movie through their service but we can use the gift card for anything we want.

Overall, we have been very happy with U-verse as a cable and internet provider. They are much cheaper than other service providers in the area and the deal we currently have gives us over 200 cable channels, HD channels, 2 cable boxes, and a free DVR for little more than we would be paying just for internet service. I know having cable is a frugal taboo but we often like to stay home instead of going out (aka spending even more money) so for the price of one dinner out per month this has been very worthwhile for us.

Victoria’s Secret Free Lace Trim Panty In The Mail

imageVictoria’s Secret did it again! They just sent out coupons for a Free Lace Trim Panty. So check your mail box for this flyer with the coupon in it.

To learn how you can receive free coupons for items from Victoria’s Secret click HERE.

Have Fun With Your Pets

image (Benny)

Am I the only one who loves to dress my unwilling pets up in outfits? For the most part they were good little models. So this is a reminder today to have fun with your pets. It’s why you have them, right? And they love it too (most of the time).





7-22-13 CVS Shopping Trip

imageIt has been a while since I have done any couponing at CVS but I was near by and I wanted to use my $3 free ECBs because I needed more of my Natural Tom’s of Maine toothpaste which is usually $5 a tube so I did a couple of other little deals while I was there.

Just the Basics 1 Paper Towel Roll 79¢
Store Coupon 79¢ off Just the Basics Towel printing at CVS coupon center
Cost After Coupons- Free

Hershey, Nestle or Unreal Pouches, 6.3-12 oz, $3
-$2.50 off Kit Kat Mini’s, 8 oz+, share (CVS coupon) printable
Cost After Coupons-.50 each

Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste $4.99 Regular Price
-$1 off Tom’s of Maine toothpaste or mouthwash, SS 6/23
- $3 CVS ECBs FREE in a CVS e-mail
Cost After Coupons- $.99

Total w/ Tax- $2.51
Saved- $12.67

I’ll take it! I needed toothpaste anyway so I love getting it and other items with it for half the price of the toothpaste.

The Best Way to Use ‘Free Item’ Coupons

I love getting coupons for free items because I love getting stuff for FREE! However these coupons present a unique opportunity to get even more stuff for free.

The Best way to use free item coupons is to combine them with other sales or deals!

I especially love if there is a Buy One Get One Free deal with an item I have a free coupon for. Then you can get two items for free. Even when that isn’t the case, you can still often find other great deals to use because Free Item coupons are a companies way of getting you to try a product that they are usually also promoting in other ways.

In the picture below are two examples-

-I had a coupon for free Playtex Sport Tampons and I was able to combine it with a Publix coupon that said if you buy Playtex Sport Tampons you will get a Skintimate Shave Gel for Free so I got both items for FREE!

- I also had a coupon for a free Pepsi Next 2 Liter that I combined with a Buy 2 Pepsi Products Get One Free Sale and I only had to buy one 2 Liter and got two FREE!


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