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The Best Way to Use ‘Free Item’ Coupons

I love getting coupons for free items because I love getting stuff for FREE! However these coupons present a unique opportunity to get even more stuff for free.

The Best way to use free item coupons is to combine them with other sales or deals!

I especially love if there is a Buy One Get One Free deal with an item I have a free coupon for. Then you can get two items for free. Even when that isn’t the case, you can still often find other great deals to use because Free Item coupons are a companies way of getting you to try a product that they are usually also promoting in other ways.

In the picture below are two examples-

-I had a coupon for free Playtex Sport Tampons and I was able to combine it with a Publix coupon that said if you buy Playtex Sport Tampons you will get a Skintimate Shave Gel for Free so I got both items for FREE!

– I also had a coupon for a free Pepsi Next 2 Liter that I combined with a Buy 2 Pepsi Products Get One Free Sale and I only had to buy one 2 Liter and got two FREE!


Another Reason I Love Publix- Returns Made Easy

imagePublix Supermarkets are generally agreed to be the best supermarket chain in this part of Florida.  I get the majority of my coupon deals from there as they are very coupon friendly. They also score high marks from me because they make it really easy to return items, not that I return many. A week ago I had milk go bad 10 days before the expiration date and they willingly exchanged it for me.

I HATE doing returns! Especially at Walgreens where they act like you are trying to rob them (but that’s a post for another day!). However, Publix in my experience generally makes the return process really easy. I recently bought some Oscar Mayer lunch meat and it was HORRIBLE. I tried to force myself to eat it and I couldn’t. I don’t know what was in that package but it didn’t seem like turkey to me. So at around $5 for a package and with our tight grocery budget I decided it had to be returned. So after a couple weeks of putting this off, I finally decided to bring it back to the store. I also had to exchange some shampoo and conditioner that were the wrong type and I decided to do this all at once.

I didn’t have my receipt for the items but they took them all back and refunded the money on a gift card for the full price of the items. I would have told them that I thought the meat was B1G1 free when I bought it if they had asked but they didn’t and they were processing my return as I was running to go get the shampoo and conditioner I was exchanging. The other shampoo and conditioner turned out to be on sale so they gave me the amount extra for the previous shampoo and conditioner as well as full price for each of the B1G1 free lunch meats on the above pictured gift card.

Stores have return policies for a reason, as evidenced by the nice message on the gift card they gave me. There are several other stores (aka Walgreens) that have such bad customer service that I try to avoid them as much as possible. If anything, Publix’s willingness to help with returns only makes me more likely to shop at there in the future.

5-2-13 Publix Shopping Trip

Before this shopping trip B and I sat down and planned out what meals we wanted to make for the month. Sometimes we do this on a weekly basis but this is the first time we have attempted a whole month. We aren’t picky eaters and do tend to eat a lot of the same meals each month but we do try to eat healthy. I ended up spending $99 which was most of my Free $100 Publix gift card but we saved $73 and hopefully we won’t need to buy many more groceries this month. This is a new strategy for us because we usually make several smaller grocery shopping trips rather than one big one and probably still buying a few smaller things here and there. We already have stocked up on A LOT of canned veggies and things like sauces from previous shopping trips this year when they hit rock bottom prices which means Rather than bore you with all of the things I bought (it was A LOT) here are some of the best deals from this shopping trip-

B1G1 Free Chi Chi’s Seasoned Ground Beef, 15 oz, at $5.99 ($2.99)

B1G1 Free Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, at $4.59 lb ($2.29 lb)

B1G1 Free Publix Shredded Cheese, 6-8 oz, $2.50

DiGiorno Pizza, 31.2-33.6 oz, $5
-$1.50 off DiGiorno pizzeria! pizza Printable
-$1.50 off DiGiorno pizzeria! pizza, Publix eCoupon
-$1/2 DiGiorno’s rising crust frozen pizzas, Target coupon Printable
-$1.50 off DiGiorno Pizzeria! pizza, SS 4/21
-$2 off Digiorno Pizzeria Pizza Facebook Printable
-$5/$20 Nestle product purchase, Target coupon Printable
Cost After Coupons-$3

Stouffer’s Family Size Entree, 25-49 oz, $3.99
-$1.50 off Stouffer’s family, large family or party size entree, 25-96 oz, SS 3/10
-$1.50 off Stouffer’s entree, family size Facebook Printable
-$5/$20 Nestle product purchase, Target coupon Printable
Cost After Coupons-$2.49

– Plus the two above deals allowed me to use -$5/$20 Nestle product purchase, Target coupon Printable

2 Publix Salads 2 for $4 and 2 Small Wishbone Dressings $1.79 each
$2 WYB buy a Publix Salad and Wishbone Dressing Publix Coupon On Stand In Front of Store
Cost After Coupons- 2 Free + Wishbone Dressings because I was already buying the salads

Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffin Mix
– $1 off When You Buy Publix Eggs and Betty Crocker Muffin Mix Publix Coupon On Stand In Front of Store
Cost After Coupons- Made the Muffin Mix .29 cents because I was already buying the eggs

Snap Tea $2.50
– Free Mail In Rebate TearPad in Front of Display
Cost After Rebate- Free

Hass Avacados $1 each

B1G1 Free Breakstone’s Sour Cream, 16 oz, at $2.09 ($1.04)

B1G1 Free Mama Francesa Imported Parmesan Cheese, 8 oz, at $3.49 ($1.74)

Technically this shopping trip was entirely FREE thanks to my Free $100 Publix gift card so we-
Spent- $0.00
Saved- $173.21
This will really help our Grocery Budget for this month!


Free Snap Tea After Mail In Rebate

I decided to try Snap Tea at Publix After because it was free after Mail In Rebate. I tried the green tea and it tastes okay but I was disappointed to find that the second ingredient was High Fructose Corn Syrup. It didn’t taste like legitimate green tea to me but at least it was free. So if you want to try it look for the mail in rebate pad at your local grocery or drug store. I found it at Publix but I have also seen that people have found it at Walgreens.

Snap Tea $2.50
– Free Mail In Rebate TearPad in Front of Display
Cost After Rebate- Free

4-16-13 Publix Shopping Trip


At Publix I spent $19.94 and saved $51.90.

I wasn’t planning on going to Publix but I decided to go last minute because there were some great deals on things we will definitely use. Half of what I got this trip was without coupons but I’m very happy with everything I ended up buying.

4 Sunlight Dish Soap .59¢
– $1 off Sunlight Product PRINTABLE
Cost After Coupons- Free + Overage

2 Friskies Cat Food, 3.15 lb, at $4.69 ($2.34)
– B1G1 Free Target Coupon PRINTABLE
Cost After Coupons- Both Free After Coupon
Note- Your store must accept Target Coupons as a competitor

Smart Balance Buttery Spread, 2 pk. 7.5 oz or 8-15 oz, at $3.59 ($1.79)
-.75/1 Smart Balance spreadable butter or blended butter sticks printable
-$1 off Smart Balance spreadable butter or blended butter sticks, SS 3/24
-$1/2 Smart Balance buttery spread, SS 3/24
-$1 off Smart Balance buttery spread Publix Basket of Savings booklet
-$1 off Smart Balance buttery spread Publix coupon printable
-$1/2 Smart Balance buttery spreads, SS 4/14
Cost After Coupons- As low as 4¢

Garland Jack’s or Bull’s Eye Barbecue Sauce, 17.5-18 oz, $1
-.75/1 Bulls Eye or Garland Jack’s Secret Six barbecue sauce, 17.5-18 oz (Publix coupon), Savings are Stocking Up home mailer
Cost After Coupons- 25¢ each

B1G1 Marzetti Refrigerated Salad Dressing $3.99
$1/1 Marzetti Refrigerated Salad Dressing Blinkie Coupon from in front of the dressing
Cost After Coupons- $1 each

Kraft Fresh Take is on sale B1G1 for $2.99
– $1 off Kraft Fresh Take PRINTABLE
Cost After Coupons- $.50 each
Note- I bought these for the packs of cheese that come with them

Without coupons I also bought- A sweet onion, ground meat, sour cream, cream cheese, B1G1 free bagels, a bag of spinich, B1G1 free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

 Snausages Chewy Dog Snacks, 10-12 oz, at $2.99 ($1.49)
-.75/1 Snausages or Snaw Somes! dog snacks (regional), RP 3/17
-$1 off Snausages or Snaw Somes! dog snacks (regional), RP 3/17
Cost After Coupons- 49¢
(Not Pictured I Gave the Coupons to My Mom so they weren’t part of this transaction but still a great deal)


Spent- $19.94

Saved- $51.90

Moneymaker Deal on Sunlight Dish Soap at Publix

imageWe got paid to buy this Sunlight dish soap at Publix today. They were .59 cents each and I used $1 off printable coupons from HERE. The overage went towards the rest of our grocery purchases. I needed to buy dish soap today anyways so I was especially excited to get it for free. I love when you need something and then there is a deal to get it for FREE!

Just in case you were wondering I already used half of one to fill up a soap dispenser before I took the picture. 

I Won $100 Publix Gift Card from the Publix Italian Days Sweepstakes!

imageI got a wonderful surprise yesterday when I opened my mail. I Won $100 Publix Gift Card from the Publix Italian Days Sweepstakes! I barely remember entering on the Publix website when I was printing coupons for the shopping trip HERE.

I’m not someone who enters a lot of Sweepstakes but this makes me think I should enter more. This will definitely help with our grocery budget next month! Yay!

Win A Free Movie Ticket with the Purchase of 4 Red Baron, Freschetta, Tony’s or Pagoda Express Products


I was excited during my Publix shopping trip HERE that the four Pizzas I had already planned on purchasing qualified me for a free movie ticket. It says the ticket is for Iron Man 3 but I believe you can choose. I love getting something extra for free when I already planned on buying an item. So if you are planning to purchase any of these products you should look for the ones marked with the free tickets and try to get a free movie ticket. Going to the movies is expensive so I love getting tickets for free!

This is the deal I did at Publix to qualify for a free ticket-
Bought 4 Red Baron Pizzas, on sale 3/$10 (regular price $4.98)
– $1/2 Red Baron Multi-Serve Pizza PRINTABLE
Cost After Sale and Coupons- $2.83 each or $11.32 total
And earned a free movie ticket because of the specially marked boxes with codes! My total for all 4 pizzas was cheaper than one movie ticket costs around here.

The details are below-

*One certificate, up to a $12 value, (limit two certificates per household) with the purchase of 4 specially marked packages of RED BARON®, FRESCHETTA®, TONY’S® or PAGODA EXPRESS® products.

Offer begins 3/25/13 at 5:59 a.m. CST and ends 8/31/13 at 11:59 p.m. CST, or while supplies last. Only unique codes, entered online 3/25/13 through 8/31/13 will be eligible. Enter codes online at to receive your Hollywood Movie Money® certificate. Certificate good toward Iron Man 3, or any film at participating theaters through 9/30/13. See list of participating theaters at by entering promo code 39297. Movie certificate valid for one (1) adult admission up to $12. Not valid on 3-D showings. Valid in 50 United States, D.C. & Puerto Rico only. Must be 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited and if codes/certificates have been manipulated, copied, purchased, sold, transferred or mechanically altered. Subject to complete terms, available at

3-28-13 Publix Shopping Trip

imageAs you can see I got a lot of stuff in my shopping trip at Publix today. In case you are wondering why there are eggs in a bowl on the right it’s because I broke one in the carton and had to take them out. At least they were free!

Buy 4 Mtn Dew 2-Liters- Regular Price $1.99 each
– On Sale B2G2 Free
– Use $1 off of 3 2-Liters of Mountain Dew Hang Tag Coupon
Cost After Sale and Coupons- $2.98 or .74 cents each

B1G1 Simply Potatoes Mashed Potatoes, 24 oz, at $3.79
-.75/1 Simply Potatoes mashed item, 24 oz printable
-$1/2 Simply Potatoes mashed potatoes, 24 oz (Publix coupon), Publix Spring Savings booklet (EXP 03/31)
Cost After Sale and Coupons- $1.29 for Both

B1G1 Sabra Hummus, 4 pk 2 oz or 10 oz, at $3.99
-$1 off Sabra product, 8 oz+ (Publix coupon), Publix Basket of Savings booklet
-$1 off Sabra product, 8 oz+ (Publix coupon) printable
Cost After Sale and Coupons- $.99 each

Bailey’s Coffee Creamer, 16 oz, $1.66
-$1 off Baileys non-alcoholic coffee creamer, SS 1/20
Cost After Sale and Coupons- $.66

Splenda Packets 50 CT, $2.59
Use one $1/1 Splenda Item Target printable
and use one $2/1 Splenda Sweetener manufacturer’s coupon, 3/24 SS newspaper insert
Cost After Coupons– $0.41 Moneymaker

Mortin IB Travel Size 4ct $1.09
– $2/1 Motrin IB Product coupons, 3/3 SS
Cost After Coupons– $0.91 Moneymaker

Red Baron Pizzas on sale 3/$10 (regular price $4.98)
– $1/2 Red Baron Multi-Serve Pizza PRINTABLE
Cost After Sale and Coupons- $2.83 each
And earned a free movie ticket because of the specially marked boxes with codes! Click HERE to learn more!

B1G1 Hellmann’s Mayonnaise $4.83
– 2 $1.50/1 Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 22 oz or larger Publix Coupons, Best Meals Happen at Home email
– 2 $0.50/1 Hellmann’s Mayonnaise manufacturer’s coupons, 3/24 RP newspaper insert
Cost After Sale and Coupons- $.41 cents each

B1G1 Duncan Hines Cake Mix, 16 to 18.25 oz $1.99
– 1 $0.55/2 Duncan Hines Cake Mixes Publix Coupon Basket of Savings Coupon
– 2 $0.50/1 Duncan Hines Signature Red Velvet Cake Mix
Cost After Sale and Coupons- $.22 cents each

B1G1 Ragu Pasta Sauce $2.57
used two $1.50/2 Ragu Pasta Sauce Publix Best Meals at Home email
Cost After Sale and Coupons- $.53 cents each

B1G1 Sargento Shredded Cheese $4.19
Publix Large Eggs- $2.00
– Free Dozen Large Eggs when you buy two Sargento Shredded Cheese Publix store coupon, Spring Savings Booklet or printable
– $0.55/2 Sargento Cheese printable manufacturer’s coupon PRINTABLE
Cost After Sale and Coupons- $3.64 for 2 bags of cheese and free eggs

Items Bought Without Coupons- 1 Gallon OJ, 2 Pie Crusts, and Cream Cheese

Spent- $39.95
Saved- $82.13

Mountain Dew Deal at Publix

imagePublix is currently running a great sale on Mtn Dew 2-Liters. They are Buy 2 Get 2 Free. In addition there are Hang Tags with the coupon $1 off when you buy 3 2-Liters of Mountain Dew.

Buy 4 Mtn Dew 2-Liters- Regular Price $1.99 each
– On Sale B2G2 Free
– Use $1 off of 3 2-Liters of Mountain Dew Hang Tag Coupon
Cost After Sale and Coupons- $2.98 or .74 cents each

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