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6-14-13 Frugal Living / Finance Articles

pig moneyI love reading about finances and frugal living. It inspires me to try even harder to save money and I learn a lot along the way. I happened across a lot of great articles recently and I thought I would share.

Duke Grad Student Secretly Lived In a Van to Escape Loan Debt

13 Money Lies You Should Stop Telling Yourself By Age 30

How To Pay Off Student Loans When You Have No Money, No Job, And Nowhere Else To Turn

The 9 Steps I Took To Get My Finances Back On Track

What You Should (And Shouldn’t) Wear To Work In The Summer

How A Former Olympic Rower Paid Down $82,000 In Debt

13 Ways To Lose Weight Without Blowing Your Budget

How One California Man Negotiated His Way Out Of $150,000 Worth Of Debt

Why I Left My Career In Finance For A Nonprofit

How This Family Raised 19 Kids Without Going Into Debt

15 Surprising Uses For Household Items That Will Help You Save

Getting Free Croft & Barrow Towels with Kohl’s Cash

imageEarlier this year I wrote about getting Croft & Barrow towels from Kohl’s for $1 each after my Kohl’s Cash. Well again I ended up with $10 Kohl’s cash and didn’t have a chance to make it to the store until the day it was expiring. I was sick and didn’t feel like shopping, but I didn’t want to waste the free $10 to spend on anything in the store. I even tried to give the $10 away to my mother but when that didn’t work I forced myself to head to the store. I ended up picking up some more towels. I already know that I like them, they are good quality, will last a long time, and who can’t use some nice bath towels? This time they were on sale for $4.98 each so I didn’t even have to pay a penny out of pocket. I wish I had thought of buying household items with Kohl’s cash earlier.

This is yet another reminder that saving money isn’t always hard but it does require effort. Was going to a nice store worse than working an hour at a job to earn $10? No, so I consider it time well spent.

Doing My Taxes for Free

taxesSo this year for the first time ever, I thought I might owe money on my taxes. This was because of a stream of income from last year that had no taxes taken out of it and in addition I am no longer a student so I can’t claim that as a deduction. I tried asking various people what percentage of someone’s income goes towards taxes and I received various different answers that led me to the conclusion that it’s not that simple.

So for the first time ever, I decided to run my tax information through two different free tax services. Turbo Tax and HR Block. This took me less than an hour to do and to my relief, while I do owe money on my taxes, I owe less than $100 and both programs told me that I owe the exact same amount. While it is a little disappointing not to get a check back from filing my taxes for the first time, it is also a huge relief that I won’t have to take money out of my savings to pay my taxes either. Next year I will be back in school and I will likely qualify for a tax refund again so I can’t be too disappointed.

Note- I am in no way associated with any tax program. This article is simply meant to share my own personal experiences.

Articles – Food and Groceries in America

While I’m posting articles I thought I would also share this one
“Going hungry in America: ‘Distressing,’ ‘humbling’ and ‘scary’” which makes me grateful that I have more than enough food to eat.

And the opposite
“Report: Americans Waste $2,275 Per Year by Thowing Out 40 Percent of the Food They Buy” which has reminded me that I can always do better about not wasting food.

And here are several first person accounts of people’s experiences with buying groceries and feeding their families in today’s economy-

First Person: Starving College Student — It’s a Reality

First Person: My Battle with Rising Food Prices

First Person: My Family Can’t Afford Meats and Dairy at Our Local Supermarket

First Person: Divorced Family Struggles Against Rising Food Costs

Article “10 Smart Ways to Spend One Dollar”

I know that usually I am telling you how to save money and not spend $1 but I figured if you are going to spend $1 anyways this article has some good ideas. Click HERE for the article.

As if Starbucks Didn’t Charge Enough Already

As if Starbucks didn’t charge enough already, they were caught charging a bean surcharge. They have since dropped it but you can read the article HERE.

This just one more reason why I make my coffee at home.

Frugal Articles

I don’t know about you but I love reading articles about frugal living. Why? It gives me new ideas and reaffirms what I’m already doing, therefore providing inspiration!

Here are a few articles I have stumbled upon lately that I thought were worth sharing.

– To Repair or Replace? That is the Question.

By Jeff Yeager


5 Ways to Save Money on Laundry

By Dan Shapley


How We Cut Our Monthly Spending by $500

By Brian Hopkins


Happy Reading!

Free Subscription to All You Magazine


For those of you who have never heard of it, All You magazine is a magazine that “pays for itself” because it is full of coupons and money saving ideas. I love reading it for frugal advice and information and I have wanted a subscription for a long time. However, my mom and aunt love magazines and give me lots of them so I have refused to buy any magazine subscription, but I had enough free amazon.com egift cards from Swagbucks (a search engine you get rewards for searching on) to get a free subscription.

Now when my copies arrive in the mail I will be even more excited because I know they were free (and I love free stuff) and they will also save me money.

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Frugal Article- The When-to-Wash-It Handbook

The When-to-Wash-It Handbook

This article is about how often we actually need to wash our clothes. While I’m not saying I necessarily agree with all of their time frames it does support what my family has believed for a long time- Unless clothes are visibly soiled there is no need to wash them after every single wear. This will make your clothes last longer, it’s eco-friendly, and it will save on your water and electric bill (not to mention time and energy.)

Frugal Article

“How We Cut Our Monthly Spending by $500”

These are easy and smart ideas everyone should try. Click above for the link.

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