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Goodwill Outlet North Austin Shopping Trip, $1 Hydroflask!!

My husbands friend was coming over for a few hours this Sunday so I decided to leave the babe with him and go to the Goodwill Outlet in North Austin. Im trying to start selling more on eBay so the outlet is a great place to find items for my eBay store.As always you never know what you will find at the “bins” as people call them, but it is always fun! I also was able to take a few pictures of the inside to show what this brand new Goodwill outlet looks like. 

My first find of the trip was this super cute Lucky Brand shirt. I plan on selling this on eBay

This is a mens xxl Polo Club shirt. Ive been told before that ugly and big sells well on eBay so I am going to try with this strange hurricane shirt.

Victoria Secret Pink always sells super well and quickly so I picked up this shirt off the floor. It has dirt from the floor on it, but I think if I just wash it the stain will come out.

American Eagle Tank

I’m not sure if this is a dress or a shirt, but I thought it was cute.

I plan to list this Ergobaby infant insert on eBay or on a local Facebook site to see how it does.

Stella & Dot makeup case.

Motherhood Maternity Robe

A friend of my sisters is a few months pregnant so I picked up this dress for her. I am going to see if she wants the robe and this dress.

American Eagle shorts sell very well for me on eBay so I am glad I found this pair.

I also found a Nine West wrap dress, American Eagle khakis, and a few breast pads.

My favorite find of the trip was a 40oz Hydroflask! I was so excited. I own a 20oz Hydroflask and spent around $25 on it on Amazon. I spent $13 so each item was around a dollar.

Now here are a few pictures of the outlet.




Use Swagbucks for Free Holiday Shopping

I'm a Swagbucks Influencer - Start Earning Now

With Christmas fast approaching, (is it just me or does Christmas stuff appear in stores earlier and earlier every year?) many of us are still looking to save money on gifts. I love buying gifts but I don’t like high prices so I try to get as many gifts as I can for free! One of the ways I do this is by stocking up through the year on Amazon.com gift cards through swagbucks.com.  It’s free and easy. You earn points simply by searching on their site or even printing coupons! Click HERE to see some of what I’ve won before or click the banner above to join.

Lots of Free MP3s on Amazon.com

Amazon.com is currently giving away a lot of free MP3s. Three pages worth in fact. Click HERE to get them.


Swagbucks- What I’ve won!

If you have never heard of Swagbucks or are hesitant to try it I suggest you take a look at the four amazon.com gift cards in the picture below that I have won simply by searching on their site! In a nutshell swagbucks is a search engine but you randomly earn points for searching that can be redeemed for prizes and gift cards.

I don’t know yet what I’m going to buy but it will actually be shopping for free which is what Shopaholic Savers is all about!

I'm a Swagbucks Influencer - Start Earning Now

Viewpoints- Free $10 Amazon Gift Card

I’m excited to announce that Viewpoints is offering another free $10 Amazon Gift Card. You have to join their site and write ten product reviews. I participated the last time they offered this deal and I got my gift card by e-mail as soon as it ended. The reviews were easy (I reviewed ball pythons and shampoo among other objects at my house). I hear they have great customer service and their gift cards are easy to redeem. Click HERE for the official rules.

Free $2 MP3 credit at Amazon.com

Use the code GIVEMP3S to get a free $2 credit added to your account. You must have an amazon.com account and you must go to a page where they sell mp3s in order to get it. I was able to click on “Redeem a gift card or promotion code & view balance” on the right side of the page and put in the code. It worked instantly.

I went here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003R4UOXE/ref=dm_buy_gc?ie=UTF8&gcIsProcess=1&gcpcCode=GIVEMP3S#gc

Which is also a free song and ringtone download of “Anna F.” by Jimmy Page if you are interested.

Thanks, moneysavingmom.com

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