2019-07-01 A Few Frugal Things- Summer Pot Garden and More

I have slowly been building a summer pot garden. So far my plants are doing fairly well. It’s hard to grow in pots because they get dry so fast in FL. I am collecting rainwater to water the plants with. I am also reusing yogurt containers like the ones below as pots.

– I have also purchased some pots secondhand and I am shuffling the plants I have to put them in the correct size pots if I can.

– I wanted a summerish wreath for the front door and found one for $2.99 at Goodwill after not liking the $30 brand new ones at a regular store.

– We wanted some stools for our counter. Dad happened to have some extra ones he wasn’t using and gave them to us.

– I am back to work for the summer which means that we have been planning ahead more for groceries. We meal planned but still probably spent too much on groceries. We are trying to eat fairly healthy though so I guess that’s the trade off.

-I visited the local animal shelter because I was in the area. They sell really nice pet beds for $5 and Kong type toys for $1. I stocked up and the pets are enjoying them.

– We continue to enjoy the pool and jogging in the neighborhood for exercise.

– We are about to have a bunch of family come visit. A huge advantage of having extra bedrooms and a pool is saving money on hotel rooms and entertainment when family visits. Not sure this always saves us money with extra people in the house but it saves them money.

– I was sent a coupon for a certain pet food website that I’m not very happy with. The coupon didn’t work so I contacted customer service and found out that they send out the same code multiple times but you can only use it once. I told them I was going to cancel my order, because I actually was going to use another site and ended up getting a $21 discount.

– Amazon mailed my conditioner in a too small box with some heavyish shelves. Of course the bottle burst and the shelf box was damaged. They sent me another conditioner and gave me a $5 credit. I HATE having to contact customer service but I’m polite and truthful and sometimes it pays off.

Not so Frugal- 

– We realized that we are spending $30 more a month on electricity this year than last year. We are using our air conditioning less and have no other huge drains on electricity so this is quite strange. I think they might have raised the rates for our electric company. We only have one option in our area and we are already very careful so there isn’t much else we can do.

– We have gone out to eat a few times to celebrate going back to work. I regret nothing.

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