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Make all the baby pants!

I got this free pattern for Grow-With-Me Baby Harem pants. I had a blast making these pants for my new baby nephew and one of my best friends new little boy also. These pants are super cool because they are meant to grow with a baby.

When they are folded up like the below picture they are for a newborn.

When they are rolled out like the picture below they are for a 3 month old.

They also make these for bigger children and if these work out well I might have to buy that pattern and make more. 

My Sewing Projects- Flying Squirrel Baby Lovies


I was really excited to stumble across a pattern for free Flying Squirrel baby lovies. I know babies love these but they are usually just a head and small blanket which I find kind of odd. These are the same principle but have full bodies and feet. I made these out of scraps that I already had and I can’t wait to give one to my new baby nephew!

Click HERE for a link to the free pattern. Thanks, While She Naps. 

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How to Make Un-Paper Towels


I love the idea of Up-paper towels! We are all about reducing waste and saving trees. We have been using rags instead of paper towels around the house for years but now you can bet I will be making some of these!

Un-paper towel how to:

Step 1: Cut squares of prewashed flannel and terry 12×13 inches.


Step 2: Pin right sides together.


Step 3: Stich all around the outsides with a ½ inch seam allowance. Leave about a 2-inch hole to be able to turn the towels right side out.


Step 4: Clip the corners and push your finger into each corner to make sure it is pushed out all the way.

Step 5: Turn the towels right side out.


Step 6: Top stitch around the outside of the towel with 1/4” seam allowance and once through the center of the wipe. Make sure to fold in the area where you left the hole to turn.

Step 7: Add snaps, if desired.


Step 8: Add the following message!

Tutorial Created by @supereatingbaby on Instagram and

Thank you to @supereatingbaby for the awesome work and for sharing with us! 

ShopaholicSavers Sewing Pattern: Simple Doxie Sewing Patterns


I’m so excited that I just made and posted my first sewing pattern for sale. It’s a 2 for one pattern for two

Simple Doxie Dachshund Toy Stuffed Animal

and it’s only $2 for sale on It’s my latest side hustle. I’ll let you know how it goes but mostly I’m happy that I’m getting to share my hobby with others and share simple to make patterns for beginners. I’ve started to make patterns for items I want to make but can’t find simple, easy patterns for. Click the title to see the pattern. You can join Craftsy for FREE and they have many FREE patterns. Check back because I will be posting more free and cheap patterns soon.

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