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How to Make Un-Paper Towels


I love the idea of Up-paper towels! We are all about reducing waste and saving trees. We have been using rags instead of paper towels around the house for years but now you can bet I will be making some of these!

Un-paper towel how to:

Step 1: Cut squares of prewashed flannel and terry 12×13 inches.


Step 2: Pin right sides together.


Step 3: Stich all around the outsides with a ½ inch seam allowance. Leave about a 2-inch hole to be able to turn the towels right side out.


Step 4: Clip the corners and push your finger into each corner to make sure it is pushed out all the way.

Step 5: Turn the towels right side out.


Step 6: Top stitch around the outside of the towel with 1/4” seam allowance and once through the center of the wipe. Make sure to fold in the area where you left the hole to turn.

Step 7: Add snaps, if desired.


Step 8: Add the following message!

Tutorial Created by @supereatingbaby on Instagram and

Thank you to @supereatingbaby for the awesome work and for sharing with us! 

I made my own produce bags out of an old shirt

2016-05-19 21.49.36

I have been thinking more lately about how to reduce waste (we already don’t use any paper products besides toilet paper) in our house hold and how to use less plastics. I really wanted some produce bags so that we wouldn’t have to use the ones from the store for smaller produce items like the ones sold on Amazon below.

I recently learned to use my sewing machine and when I found this old shirt in the back of a drawer I thought it would be perfect to make semi-transparent produce bags. I also used a small 3 pack of ribbons that I had gotten for free out of the free box at a yard sale for the draw strings. I think they turned out well and I even made one using the snaps already on the shirt. So for free I now have three little produce bags and I am practicing my sewing skills.

2016-05-21 15.32.23

Goals for 2016!

Goals for 2016!

1.I am only going to buy my clothes from thrift stores. The only exclusion ,of course, will be undergarments.
2.Only buy items that bring me joy! I will not buy stuff just because it is on sale!
3.Research products before I buy them especially makeup!
4.Buy items that will last a lifetime that I will not have to throw away in a few months.
5.Work out at least 30 minutes a day! Lately I have been doing my own version of yoga/ pilates in my living room!
6.Read more and not just articles on the internet!
7.Become more inventive/ willing to experiment with food!
8.Research alternative living spaces/ tiny houses and if possible start to save $$!
9.Sell more stuff on eBay! I recently sold my first item. It was only listed for 1 day!
10.Go caving!!! I live about an hour and a half from San Antonio which has beautiful caves!

Posted by: Candy


Two of my recent thrift store Vision cookware finds. I intend to use theses until they fall apart!

As you can see below they can be quite expensive!

4 Ingredient, Dirt Cheap, No Cooking, Chemical Free, Laundry Detergent! 

CheapFourIngredientChemicalFreeLaundryDetergentLaundry Detergent was one of the last items in my house to be replaced with a chemical free version. The main reason was because chemical free laundry detergent, like laundry detergent in general, is expensive. I also didn’t care to start making my own if it required cooking of any kind. For a long time I simply bought the concentrated $1 jugs from Dollar Tree. They aren’t bad but this recipe is better. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this Dirt Cheap, 4 Ingredient, Chemical Free Laundry Detergent. I was originally worried it might leave behind some powder or residue but it doesn’t. It just works great!


Put all the ingredients in a container and mix them up.


1 1/2 cups Baking Soda
1 1/2 cups Washing Soda
1/2 cup Epsom Salt
2 Tbsp Kosher Salt or other coarse salt

To Use:

Use two heaping spoonfuls for a large load of wash. Use your best judgement for smaller loads.

Thank you to Tatiana Amico for this recipe.


My $2.99 Cabinet Before and After

2014-08-07 16.53.34I bought this ugly little brown cabinet (It’s actually drawers but looks like a cabinet) for $2.99 at a local thrift shop. Using one can of green spray paint I transformed it into something that I love having in my living room! It takes the place of a side table but with the added bonus of extra storage. I’m so excited about how this turned out I’m looking for more pieces to transform.

Make Your Own Small Pet Food Mix

imageAs some of you might already know, we are the proud parents to three really cute ratty babies. Rats are not the most common pets to own and I think that this is part of the reason that their food is $15 a bag if you buy the special rat food mix at the pet store. Since we have owned our rats, we have done a little research on what they can and can’t eat. We have also acquired through various means some various foods that we can feed them.

We had-

– Dog food- one pet store told us to feed them this

– Rabbit food- I got a great deal on it

– Squirrel food- a friend gave it to me

– Whole wheat organic cheerios- aka people food that we didn’t like but they love

So I decided to mix them all together to make a rat food mix that actually doesn’t look too different from what they sell at the pet store for a lot less than $15 and they love it. I should also mention that we feed our rats a large variety of fruit and vegetable that we are also eating. Our little rats eat a lot better than people in some third world countries.



Make Your Own Iced Green Tea

Recently we have started making our own Iced Green Tea. I tried buying some in the store but it was expensive and the first ingredient was High Fructose Corn Syrup which we try to avoid. So we ended up making it and it was really cheap and easy.

You need-

– green tea bags ($1 for 80 at Dollar Tree)

– water

– a sweetener of your choice, we use Agave (Optional)

– A Coffee Pot (You can probably also use a pot on the stove)



– Put a coffee filter and 8 green tea bags in the top of the coffee maker

– Fill the 12 cup coffee maker with water

– Turn it on and let it brew

– Let it cool

– Pour it in a pitcher ($1 at Dollar Tree)

– Add sweetener (Optional) and put it in the fridge to drink when you want


That’s it and you have made your own green tea! We like this because we are trying to eat and drink healthy.

Saw It On Pinterest and Tried It- Homemade 2 Ingredient Downy Wrinkle Releaser- Can Be Natural/Organic!

EDIT: I must report that after I posted this I discovered that you can literally just use a spray bottle with water to take wrinkles out of almost all clothing. I’m a college professor so I’m constantly spraying down business clothes and it works!!!!

homemade downy wrinkle releaser


We LOVE Downy Wrinkle Releaser because it’s so much easier than ironing, especially while we are traveling. However, I became concerned about the chemicals that were in it that we were spraying all over ourselves. So when I found this recipe I was really excited to be able to make my own.


Fabric Softener of your choice (the cheap stuff is fine, you can buy a jug for $1 at Dollar tree)
* To make this Natural/Organic use Natural/Organic Fabric Softener
* Remember that the scent of your fabric softener is the scent of your spray so make sure you pick one you like

– Water

– A Spray Bottle ($1 at Dollar tree)


– Mix 1/3 cup of water with 1 teaspoon of fabric softener in a spray bottle

*multiply this recipe to make a larger portion

I happened to have a couple of free in the mail samples of fabric softener and I wanted to try making it for free before I buy natural/organic fabric softener to make it with. The single sample size portion you see in the photo above was large enough to make enough mix to fill the above spray bottle several times and I still have some left over.





Thanks, TheMakeYourOwnZone for this pin on Pinterest that really works!

Make Your Own Natural/Organic Hand Soap with Only 2 Ingredients

soapwithtextcropIf you have been reading about my Natural/Organic adventures and deals HERE then you already know that I have been replacing the cleaning and personal care products in my house with Chemical Free options. I wanted to find a good alternative to our hand soap especially because I often have dry, cracked skin on my hands and wash them a lot. I ended up purchasing Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap which is made from olive oil and I did a little research on how to turn it into hand soap.

You Need-

– Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap scent of your choice

– 1 Empty Foaming Hand Soap Pump – $1 at Dollar Tree (I gave away the soap and kept the bottle)

– Water

Hand Soap Recipe-

– 1/8 Parts Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

– 7/8 Parts Water

*This isn’t an exact recipe so I don’t measure, I simply eyeball it*

– Mix it in a foaming hand soap pump. This part is important because if you use a regular soap pump like I did at first it’s really runny and you will use more. However, it makes a great foaming hand soap.

It’s that easy!

You do have the option of adding an essential oil for a different scent but I like the way the Almond Dr. Bronner’s soap smells so I don’t find that necessary. You can also add Tea Tree Oil to make the soap antibacterial but we didn’t use antibacterial soap before we went organic so we haven’t tried that yet.


Click HERE to read about more of my Organic / Natural / Chemical Free adventures.

Thanks, to MyMerryMessyLife for help with this recipe.

My $20 Goodwill Bench Before and After


For a couple of months I’ve been thinking about how I would really like to have a bench in the small entrance way in our house. I was surprised to find the above bench for less than $20 at Goodwill despite the fact that it was a little scratched and a small dog had gotten a hold of it’s bottom right leg and chewed it up a little.

imageI knew that when I was done, will a little help from some of the stain sticks my mother and I have acquired through the years, that you would never be able to tell it had been damaged. What I didn’t know was that my new-to-me bench would actually look like new. I just wish I had taken a picture of the pile of shoes that used to sit where the bench is now so that you could see how much better it looks and you would never guess it’s already full to the brim of shoes.

*Stain Stick Tip*- Grab a small rag and wipe over the spots you have colored in. It helps to blend the stain into the grain of the wood so it looks a lot more natural and has less marker lines.


If anyone knows where this bench originally came from please leave me a comment. I would be curious to hear.

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