2019-09-21 Thrift Finds- Stuff to Sell and Home Decor

I’m trying to post my thrift trips more frequently. Hopefully you enjoy reading them on the blog but I also use these posts to keep track of where/when I got items and what I paid for them.

I got the above 2 metal decor balls for $2 and $3 for my house. I think they are really cool and I have an idea of what I’m going to do with them.

The above boots were $6 but they were Vibrams brand and I think they will sell well. The furniture feet protectors were $1.

The above clothes were $2 or less each including the new shorts in the pic below. I was hoping they would fit me.

The above bags of vintage toys were less than $3 each. I’m not entirely sure what I bought yet but they will be easy to list in my light box. I also see a puppy foot in the picture.

The above Columbia jacket and Victoria’s Secret PJ set to sell for $2 each.

The above purses were around $3 each and are The Sak, Giani Bernini and b.o.c. (a brand I would normally sell in shoes). The purses are in such great condition that I am going to experiment with selling them on Poshmark. The wooden tray and the planter were about $2 each and are for my house.

The shoes in the below two pictures were $2 a pair or less. A few for me but most to sell. I will post updates as they sell.

I got the above small dog pen for $3. We have bought bigger ones before that are a minimum of $50 each.

I got the above weights for $2 total for B. They were originally $2 each and it was half off day and the cashier only charged me $2 for all of them.

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