2-10-19 A Few Frugal Things- Mid February

I can’t believe that it’s already over a month into Spring Semester!

Frugal Things

– You can see in the pic above that we bought some great Christmas clearance candy at CVS for 75% off, we are counting this as our Valentines gifts to each other LOL I am a chocoholic so chocolate would be purchased in our house anyways but this was about $1 a bag and much cheaper than regular price.

– In the heat of the FL summer, I often think that I have too many sweaters. However, we are still experiencing a cold winter and my sweater collection has proved adequate but not excessive for work teaching.

– I continue to bring my work lunches and put up with my work mini fridge that keeps defrosting. The fridge was free from someone who moved out of the office so I can’t complain too much. I’m hoping not to have to replace it.

– Emptied two old conditioner bottles to go out with the recycling tonight. If I don’t like the conditioner for hair, I use it for shaving or when I know I’m not leaving the house.

– We meal planned and grocery shopped for two weeks at ALDI and Dollar Tree. We spend about $100 a week on two people and 5 pets for groceries, pet food and household items. I would like this to be less but we are also trying to eat even healthier (both humans and pets) so this has increased our spending a bit.

– Took my dad to lunch when he was having a really bad day. We went around 3:30 and could still do the lunch special. A small appetizer, meal and chips and salsa were only $8. We had leftovers to take home.

– We are going to a nice but chain restaurant for my brother’s birthday. Turns out I get 10% cash back with my BOA debit card and I joined their email list for coupons.

– We are making really great oatmeal with the 50% off real maple syrup that we purchased at Christmas time. I have been adding old frozen berries and fruit. It’s probably freezer burnt but you can’t tell in this recipe. I personally love oatmeal packets but this is still so easy and so much cheaper that it isn’t worth spending more.

– We considered going out to eat and to a movie this weekend but decided to stay in and cook at home instead. We watched a movie on Netflix. I’m thankful that we love being at home. Staying home is a huge money saver!

– I purchased a gift for a child relative after a medical procedure. It was free shipping through Amazon and I used a Swagbucks gift card. He is the sweetest thing and I’m sad he will be in pain even though it’s the best medical choice possible after his parents consulted multiple doctors.


Not So Frugal

– B’s car broke down in an expensive area. We followed our gut and risked driving it to a shop we liked that we suspected would be cheaper and for $260 it was fixed the same day. We did decline the extras and just got the repair done.

– I purchased the Dollar Tree version of Tilex shower cleaner for $1. It spilled on the minced garlic I had just purchased. I wish I could find a replacement! It’s one of the few remaining harmful chemicals we keep in the house.


Extra Income

– My sales on Poshmark are going great. My new strategy of only buying items that will sell in the $30-40 range is working out too. I am starting to list items soon after I purchase them because then they don’t seem to pile up as much. I have sold 4 items in the past week.

– I keep doing online work and I plan on using the small payments together to buy a lighting kit for better Poshmark pictures.

– Sold two pairs of Birkenstocks that I bought at the Goodwill Outlet Bins for $1.49lb. See above picture.

– My part-time job keeps giving me work on a monthly basis. I didn’t expect to have more work until the summer so I am pleased.


Sustainability Living (Eco Friendly, Harmful Chemical Free, Reduced Waste, etc.)

– We watched The Devil You Know on Netflix and B is finally letting me get rid of his one remaining Teflon skillet. Cast iron, stainless steel, copper, glass and ceramic cookware is what we use

– I am also trying the below Aluminum free deodorant. I love the smell but it has a scratchy texture not smooth like other deodorants.

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