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Recent Natural Product Purchases

Since having my son I am becoming even more conscious of what I put on my skin. Here are a few products I have tried out recently:


I have loved Renpure products since I was a freshman in college. I recently ran out of my liter of conditioner I bought last year on sale at Ulta and decided to pick this up on a whim. It smells really good, but I do not think it does much for my hair. I have been using it for about two weeks now and it seems like my hair is much oilier than normal. I will continue using it up and give an update! $6.99 @ Target

Although this product isn’t 100% natural I love it. I feel like it really makes my skin feel nice. I more than likely will not repurchase it because I am going to try to make it. I just need to find someone to give me their old coffee grounds since neither my husband nor I drink coffee. Price: Around $13

I was super excited when I saw this deodorant at TJ Maxx for $3.99. Ive been wanting to try deodorant paste since seeing an episode of Shark Tank that featured a brand. I really like this deodorant. The smell is nice and goes away soon after application which i prefer.


It comes with a small spatula that you use to put the paste on your fingers and then you apply to your underarms.

I recently decided I wanted to make my household cleaners with essential oils so I ordered this set of Amazon for around $15. I’m sure there are better brands out there, but for cleaning this should do the trick.

I have been wanting to try this mask for a few years but never got around to ordering it on amazon. My husband and I went to an HEB (our local grocery store) a little farther away from our house and I found it for around $6. I love it. Since I am breastfeeding I cannot use a lot of acne fighting ingredients. This really helps my skin stay clear.

Since finding out the Garnier Miceller water had cancer causing chemicals in it I have been trying to find a replacement that is just as good. I picked this up today at Costco for $6.97 which is a good price considering the 6.7oz size would be at least that much at Target. I haven’t used it yet so I will update with my thoughts.


These are a few new to me products I have purchased recently. I will do a followup post and let you all know how I feel about them!




$2.99 12 Packs of Toilet Paper at Walgreens- Last 2 Days Stock Up Now

imageI saved a lot more than I expected to when I went to Walgreens yesterday to buy ONE 12 pack of toilet paper. We buy the Real Soft Walgreens brand because they are large rolls for $5 regular price for a 12 pack which is cheaper than anywhere else around here.

Currently Walgreens has them on sale for $3.99 and there is a $1 off coupon in the Walgreens monthly coupon books (the ones by the weekly ad, they always have them) that makes them $2.99 for a large 12 pack. The best part is all of the coupons you need are already in the store. I ended up buying all of our TP for the rest of the month because it was so cheap. We got 5 large 12 packs for $15. I may go back and buy some for next month too.

Fantastic Walgreens Banana Boat Sunscreen Deal $1.75 each- Last 2 Days!

imageThere is a fantastic Walgreens deal right now on Banana Boat Sunscreen, all with coupons you can find in the store.

Banana Boat Sunscreen- On Sale $9.49- $11.49 B1G1 Free Until June 1st
– Use 2/2 Walgreens Banana Boat Coupon from their “Beauty That Sizzles” Beauty Counter Booklet
– And Use 2 $2 off Banana Boat Sunscreen Hangtag Manufacture coupons (Some people have found $3 off)
Cost After Coupons- As low as $1.75 each

Also if you went to Walgreens last week you should have received a $5 off of $20 purchase coupon that could help make this an even better deal if your before coupon total is more than $20.

I ended up buying 4 because in Florida you can never have too much sunscreen!


Stocking Up On Toilet Paper at Walgreens

imageWhy did I buy 6 12 packs of toilet paper at Walgreens today? To take advantage of an even better stock up deal than usual.

Here it is-
Bought 6 12packs of Real Soft Toilet Paper at Walgreens – Regularly $5 each
– Used $1 off Real Soft Toilet Paper from the May Coupon Booklet (this coupon takes of $1 each, $6 total)- Exp 6/1/13
– Used $5 off of $20 Walgreens purchase catalina coupon from a couple of days ago- Exp 5/31
Cost After Coupons- $19 for 6 12packs of Toilet Paper
Saved- $11

So for $19 we are set for toilet paper for at least the next month. Even when it’s not on sale we usually buy Walgreens $5 Real Soft toilet paper because they are thick rolls that last a while and they are cheaper at full price than when buying TP at regular price anywhere else around here.

When they are regular price they are .41 cents per roll which works out to be cheaper than the big box clubs I’ve compared it to. Walgreens often gives out $1 off coupons that makes it .33 cents per roll.

Today we only paid .26 cents per roll which is even better. One thing I hate spending money on is toilet paper because it literally goes down the drain. It’s the only paper product we buy in our house so I always try to get it as cheaply as possible.

Save Money on Toilet Paper at Walgreens in May


The only household paper product we buy is toilet paper. That’s right, no paper towels, napkins, paper plates, etc. But we draw the line at Toilet Paper. There are some things we aren’t willing to do to save money and going without toilet paper is one of them. One of the best deals we have found is Real Soft / Sunny Smile Brand Toilet paper at Walgreens that costs $5 for a 12 pack (Aldi has a comparable deal). This month in the Walgreens May coupon booklet you can save an extra dollar with their dollar off coupon. I have included printable link below if you can’t find the booklet that is usually in the front of the store.

Buy one 12 pack of Real Soft / Sunny Smile Walgreen’s Brand Toilet Paper
-$1 off Sunny Smile bathroom tissue 12 roll from the Walgreens May coupon book or printable
Cost After Coupons- $4 for a 12 pack or .33¢ per roll

You can also buy an 8 roll of Paper Towels for $4 but I don’t buy them so I don’t know how good of a deal that is-
-$1 off Sunny Smile paper towels 8 rolls from the Walgreens May coupon book or printable

Free Snap Tea After Mail In Rebate

I decided to try Snap Tea at Publix After because it was free after Mail In Rebate. I tried the green tea and it tastes okay but I was disappointed to find that the second ingredient was High Fructose Corn Syrup. It didn’t taste like legitimate green tea to me but at least it was free. So if you want to try it look for the mail in rebate pad at your local grocery or drug store. I found it at Publix but I have also seen that people have found it at Walgreens.

Snap Tea $2.50
– Free Mail In Rebate TearPad in Front of Display
Cost After Rebate- Free

3-28-13 Walgreens Shopping Trip

imageI was excited that Walgreens had deals this week on two items that I needed.

2 Nice! Baking Soda 16oz .59¢ w/ in Ad Coupon

3 Nice! Aluminum Foil 25ft .89¢ w/ in Ad Coupon

Total w/ Tax- $4.15
Saved- $2.62
Received- 100 Bonus Points for Buying 2 Baking Soda

Shopping at CVS and Walgreens Without Coupons


Usually when I got to CVS and Walgreens I plan my trips around the best couponing deals and prepare accordingly. I write a lot about my couponing trips but what happens when you need to go to the store last minute for one or two things that you just have to buy?

I really needed mascara and dishwasher detergent. At CVS there was a deal on Almay but it turned out to be a better deal to buy NYC brand, which is cheaper even without a sale. There was an old tag for B1G1 half off of any NYC products and the nice cashier honored their sign and discounted the mascara anyways. She even gave me half off the more expensive mascara in the teal tube. I decided to try the $4.99 teal mascara and the $1.99 black mascara and then compare them so I would know which one to buy in the future. The teal mascara was definitely better. I also bought the Free After ECB (CVS Store Dollars) Jelly beans.

Then when I went to buy the dishwasher detergent I realized that it was between $7-9 at CVS and they didn’t have a store brand. I had a hundred things to do that day but instead of overpaying at CVS I made myself stop at Walgreens on the way home. I made the right choice because luckily it was on sale for $3.99 and I was also able to pick up some cheap .69 cents macaroni which was also on sale. We like to make black beans and macaroni and cheese as a cheap and easy lunch.

Today’s shopping trips only prove how much money I really save by stocking up when I find great couponing deals on the things I use, but they also show that even without coupons you can still save yourself a decent amount of money by smart shopping.


2-12-13 Walgreens Shopping Trip

imageSo my trip to Walgreens today was really small. They didn’t have any of the free NYC nail polish, poise products, or cat food that I had free product coupons for. They only had 2 Good n Natural bars so I wasn’t able to use all of those free product coupons either but I did at least get two for free.

I was also excited when I found the Heel Tastic product on sale for 50% off. I wanted to buy one in the past but I thought that $10 was too much. I actually had the exact idea for this product about a month before I saw it in a store. I guess now I’ll see if it actually works.

Don’t Forget to Use These Free Product Coupons Before They Expire!

imageDon’t Forget to Use These Free Product Coupons Before They Expire! They all expire soon so make sure you don’t miss out.

– Free Purina One beyOnd Cat Food Up to $3.25 from 1/13 Red Plum Insert (exp 2/13)

– Free Poise Body Cooling Towelettes, 20 ct, up to $4.99, limit one coupon per customer, Walgreens coupon from SS 2/3 (exp 2/16)

– Free Good n Natural Bars, RP 1/06 (exp 2/17)

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