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A Cool Use for Clearance Valentine’s Day Card Kits for Teachers

51ru+wFChXLI have always seen Valentine’s Day kits on clearance for less than $1 each at Goodwill or Target and I always wondered who would buy those. So when I saw my mother browsing them at Goodwill recently I asked her about it. She told me that the kits only cost .59¢ each and most of them came with a lot of nice pencils (like the one in the picture below) and stickers and other little gifts that were great for teachers (she is a substitute teacher). Especially in the area we live in, the schools have had major budget cuts and teachers have had to be creative with how they buy things for their classes. So for less than $1 teachers could possibly get little gifts or incentives for their students.


My “Easter” Party Favors

I got a great deal on these “Easter”  party favors recently at 10 packs for $1 because they were mislabeled. I think it’s hysterical and I’m kind of sad no one will be in on the joke once I take them out of the packs. I know there haven’t been many updates lately because I have been getting ready for my Halloween party but things will pick up next week 🙂 Happy Early Halloween everyone!


CVS Skinny Cow Deal and Clearance

Buy 2 Skinny Cow Chocolate Candy Six Pack Boxes, on sale BOGO $4.99
Use BOGO Skinny Cow printable manufacturer coupon
Note- The B1G1 Coupon will only take off $3.48 max
Cost after coupons- $.75 each

I also found this tabletop air hockey game 50% off clearance for $4.99 and paid for it in ECBs. Keep your eyes open for the CVS Christmas Clearance to drop to 75% off and you will probably find some really awesome deals.


Shopping With My Sister

Yesterday I got to go shopping with my sister which is always lots of fun. My sister is a shopaholic like no other. She loves to shop but she somehow always finds the most amazing deals so that she never spends much money.

We found these cute Almost Famous shorts at Sears for $2.99.

She also needed a birthday gift for her friend and we went to Bath & Body Works that was having Fall Clearance. She got almost $40 worth of stuff for $10.

At CVS, she needed some air fresheners so we the deal where if you spend $12 on select glade products you get $4 ECBs. After the coupons she used and the ECBs she received this ended up costing around $4. Not bad for something she needed to buy anyway.

At Publix, we got a few things she needed and it only cost about $2.

Shopping is always more fun when I get to go with my sister. We compare deals and we encourage each other to save. I definitely recommend having a shopping/saving buddy!

Why You Should Always Browse the Clearance Section

I was at my local Walgreens a couple days ago when I spotted a cart containing the stuff pictured above. I don’t generally carry a lot of coupons on me when I go shopping, mostly just the ones I hope to use. I still like to browse the clearance sections at stores to see if I see anything that I know I have coupons for at home. The problem was that I would often forget exactly what was there and the prices. Now that I have a smart phone (that I bought secondhand for really cheap by the way) I have started taking pictures so that I can go home and look up any coupons I might have.

You can find coupons that are available for any product by using free coupon databases on different websites. I most often use the coupon database on SouthernSavers.com. I did find some coupons that would have made some of this stuff even cheaper, but I didn’t find any coupons that would have made anything free or dirt cheap which is always my goal. I didn’t end up going back this time but I’m glad I looked because this is always a chance to get some free stuff.

Publix Christmas Clearance

My sister and I went to Publix to go grocery shopping yesterday and we couldn’t help looking at the Publix Christmas clearance. They had a lot of candy and some decorations on sale. My favorite find was several types of Publix Christmas reusable gift bags. These gift bags can be reused over and over again and they only cost .50 cents, which is a lot cheaper than most paper gift bags that rip easily. My family already had a very eco-friendly Christmas this year as far as wrapping went. We used comics, store bags, reused gift bags and recyclable wrapping paper. We also like to give out gift bags (usually full of items we get for free couponing) and these .50 cent bags are also perfect for that.

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