5-16-13 Goodwill Thrift Shop Finds

imageI was very happy with my Thrift finds at Goodwill yesterday. I do find Goodwill to be a little more expensive than other thrift stores but they usually also have a better selection and hours. That being said, they are still  usually 100 times cheaper than regular stores.

This is what I got-

– A Black Pencil Skirt $3.69

– Black Dress Pants $3.69

– Keds Shoes $3.99

– 2 Storage Baskets $3.99 each

– 1 Pairs of Dark Skinny Leg Jeans $5.99

– 1 Pairs of Express Jeans $5.99 (These are $100 jeans! I didn’t realize they were from Express until I got home)

– A Polo Purse $7.99

– A Rolling Pin $3.99 (for making Homemade Pizzas we have always used a cup before)

I also received 10% off my entire purchase for being a student.


To see even more of our Thrift Shop and Yard Sale finds click HERE.

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  1. Great deal . I love second hands deal.

    • ShopaholicSavers

      Thanks! I love finding great deals at Garage Stores and Yard Sales. I love that I’m saving money and also keeping useful items out of the landfills.

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