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Budgeting with SNL

Budgeting with SNL. Very simple, very true.

Budgeting While Working Crazy Hours

I am currently working about 45 to 50 hours a week and spending 10 hours a week in the car commuting back and forth to work. It’s hard to find time to coupon, time to grocery shop, time to be organized. All of these things end up costing me money. When I can’t make it to the grocery store or cook I end up eating out a lot more. When I run out of something and don’t have time to make it to the cheapest store I sometimes end up buying it at the closest store for a higher price. I have no idea how women with children can work this many hours.

Work itself comes with many expenses. I spend at least $180 a month on gas just for work and that will probably go up this summer. My choice to buy a fuel efficient car (no not a hybrid, just a small car) has saved me thousands. I bought my car with cash so I have no car payment. I also spend much more than I should buying work lunches. At my former job location I spent $100 a month on toll roads getting to work. I need new work dress shoes and more dress clothes. Sometimes I wonder how much working costs me?

Reading the book The Tightwad Gazette taught me that a lack of time to do things for yourself will cost you a lot of money. When I worked waiting tables at a restaurant the number of hours I worked was directly proportional to the amount of money I needed. I didn’t like working there so I spent my free time figuring out how to save money so I could work even less. I stopped buying paper products (minus toilet paper). I combined trips to save gas. I went to the library to check out DVDs and books instead of renting and buying. I tried to cook more and eat out less. I tried to make sure that I used any perishable food items before they went bad because I hate throwing food away. I wore clothes that I already owned. I shopped at thrift shops. I couponed my heart out. We went to free movie screenings and the $2 theatre for entertainment. Yes, at times it bothered me not to have any money to spare.

Now I feel that I have traded having little money for having little time. Was this a good trade? Sometimes I wonder. I do know that I waste more money now, but I also have more in my savings. I have dental insurance, eye insurance, and life insurance now. I recently spent over $350 on theme park annual passes for a special occasion and I could afford them. Some days I feel like all I do is work. Some days I love working. There is definitely a trade off and I’m not sure which is better.

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