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10% off at Dollar Tree on Oct. 7th and Sargento Cheese Deal

When I went to Dollar Tree yesterday I was given this flyer advertising 10% off of a $10 or more purchase on Oct. 7th. That will make everything in the store .90¢ but I’m sure they will be busy!  With coupons this will be an even better deal. I might check it out.

I also was able to do this deal and get 4 small bags of cheese for $1.60.

Dollar Tree Sargento Cheese $1
$.60 off any 1 Sargento Cheese 9/23SS
Final Price $.40

My First Experience with Dollar Tree Couponing

It made my day when I heard that Dollar Tree was going to be taking coupons. Everything in the store is $1 and there have been many times that I have seen items in the store that I had coupons for. It took me a couple weeks to get there with my coupons and try it out. I looked up the deals that other people had found and gathered up the coupons in the above picture hoping to score some free stuff or great deals.

Unfortunately, because each Dollar Tree carries different items, they didn’t have any of the items I was looking for except one. I was able to get some free A&D cream for a friend but other than that I was out of luck. I will just have to visit another dollar tree or wait until I find my own deals at the dollar tree by my house. I’m not giving up but I guess couponing at dollar tree might not be as easy as I thought.

Dollar Tree- Household Items For Only $1

My favorite dollar store is Dollar Tree. Every item in the store is $1. I know that there are a lot of people who refuse to shop at dollar stores which I think is silly. I use Dollar Tree to set a lot of my price points (meaning a price I won’t pay over for a specific item). I know that you can find a lot of the items sold at dollar stores for cheaper with coupons but dollar stores like Dollar Tree can help you stay on budget when you don’t have coupons for a specific item you need.

While shopping there the other day with my sister we noticed some items that we thought were particularly good deals. Here are a few of them. Remember all of these items are only $1.

A Bottle of Condensed Laundry Detergent. It says 32 loads which is comparable to brand name bottles.

Dishwasher Detergent and Large Bottles of Dish Soap


A Full Pack of Napkins

Lots of Candles and Air Fresheners. These might be a good idea for Christmas Gift Baskets.

A Six Pack of Water. We all know that bottled water is more expensive than refillable bottles but this again serves as a reminder that $2 a bottle for water out of a vending machine is highway robbery.

Spaghetti Sauce and Noodles. Could be a very cheap dinner.

Dollar Tree brand Swiffer Sweeper Refills, Dollar Tree brand Swiffer Dusters, and Dollar Tree brand Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. All of these can be very pricey at regular stores. I tried the last two of these and they worked as well as the name brand but at a much lower price.

So many stores sell these basic household items for so much more than at Dollar Tree even when you consider size and quality. It helps me stay on budget because I never have to pay more than $1 for any of the items on this list. Why pay more when you can get the same items for this cheap?

$1 Regularly Priced Laundry Detergent

We love the store Dollar Tree because everything in the entire store is $1 (or sometimes less) and it’s a chain so their stores are all over. Some are better than others. The one in Sanford, FL sells everything from milk to blocks of cheese for only $1, but we have discovered that even the smaller Dollar Trees carry $1 Regularly Priced Laundry Detergent (see the above picture). It’s condensed so it’s not in a huge bottle but it’s for 21 loads. That works out to be about .4 cents for a load of laundry. I often price check the household items I buy against what I find at Dollar Tree. If I can get something there for $1 then I won’t spend more than that on the same product somewhere else. Some of the items are cheap quality but many are actually brand name.

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