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1-6-17 Thrift Finds- Glass Fish and Ice Cream Maker

I had fun thrifting in early Jan. Many people have time off in Dec to go through their houses or it might be a new year’s resolution.

I collect the above fish and was thrilled to find them for $2.99 each! They are highly collectable and sell well but I’m keeping them.

The above Play Station charger was cheap but unfortunately didn’t work.

Below are some winter clothes, a starbucks cup and some shelf expanders. 

My mom asked me to get her a lighted makeup mirror ($3) and I have been searching for a second hand swifter ($2)since the refils are $1 at Dollar Tree. 

I got the mirror for my mother for her purse, the ice cream maker was NIB for $10 and we have used it a lot since. The file dividers I am using to org the dish cabinets.

Dec 2016 Recent Thrift Finds


One of the fun things about winter break is having more time to do some thrift shopping! With my sister and good friend both expecting babies I had a lot of fun looking for baby items! Thrift shops are great places to get baby items because they don’t usually get worn for long and people tend to buy a lot of nice stuff for baby showers. Thankfully both my sister and friend don’t care if items are brand new or not.

In the above picture you can see:

  • Burp cloths on the left
  • Cute baby clothes in the middle
  • Some cute dog clothes on the right


One of my favorite local thrift shops sells shoes for $1 on Fridays and I was very excited to find two basically brand new pairs of ballet flats and then a pair of 9 West Black Sling back heels that I have been search for forever!


I’ve wanted a closet hanging jewelry holder for a long time and this one was only $4 and I love the color and pattern.


I was excited to find this Boppy Pillow cover for my sister for $2 because I know they are usually $15-20


B found these Timberland boat shoes for $1. This isn’t a great pic of them but they are comfortable and he can wear them to his office job.


More cute baby clothes with Gimli testing them out.


I was excited to find the adorable basket on the left with the tags still on it and the queen sized sheet set for our bed in green. The cow pot holder will be a gag gift.


We use all towels in this house until they are falling apart and then use them as rags. The hand towels were 75% off because they are Christmas themed and the other two towels were in great shape. I’m really picky about towels.


More cute, cute baby stuff!

5-31-12 Thrift Shopping Trip

I love thrift shops and yard sales probably because I grew up going to them. It’s so much fun to find something that would cost an arm and a leg new at a thrift shop for coin change. It’s eco-friendly and saves money. Yesterday, I was really excited because one of my favorite thrift shops that sells clothes for .25¢ and .50¢ had a bunch of Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Roxy, Vans, etc. clothes in my size that I actually liked. I spent about $7 and got all of the stuff in these pictures with the exception of the suit jacket which is Isaac Mizrahi and I got it for .80¢ at another thrift shop but I wanted to put it in the picture. Just one of these shirts would usually cost at least $20 new so I probably got about $300 worth of clothes for $7.

I was going back and looking at my posts recently and realized that I don’t post my thrift shop / yard sale finds as often as I thought I was so I’m going to start posting them more often because I have found a lot of fun stuff recently.

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