Get FREE $10 when you redeem 5 deals from BankAmeriDeals® until 11/30/15


I accidentally already did two of the deals. And I will be going to Starbucks for a work meeting on Thursday so I’m thinking I will get gas next at my local Wawa and then I have to buy something from the petstore anyways. Since I would already be doing all of these things, getting $10 to do them is a great deal

This is a neat little offer for Bank of America customers. If you are a Bank of America customer then you probably already know about their free BankAmeriDeals® aka free cash back if you use your debit card at certain stores/retailers. I personally have gotten cash back a few times as a surprise since I forget which deals are ongoing which is always nice if happen to end up shopping at one of the places anyways.

However, the free $10 back for redeeming 5 deals (looks like the above image but is for 5 deals) is great if you are going to be shopping at one of the places offering free cash back anyways. Right now the deals showing up on my online banking include Jo-Ann Fabrics, Starbucks, Panera, Wawa and more.

Thrift Finds Wire Basket and Birdcage

2015-10-16 13.00.35

While my sister was in town from Texas we went thrift shopping with my mom. We were very excited to be spending time together and thrifting is our favorite hobby! I was excited to find the above decorative birdcage for $4.99 and the below green basket for $6.99. Not sure what I’m going to put in them yet but they match the decor of our house.

2015-10-16 13.01.01

Throw Pillow Transformation- Frugal Decor!


I’m really excited about my throw pillow transformation! I pulled a couple of pillows out of my sister’s donation pile after her yard sale. They were shabby and didn’t match my decor but for about $3.25 including shipping on I was able to buy these beautiful bright pillow covers! They are listed as burlap so I was worried they would be scratchy but they are actually soft! I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Click my referral link below to buy your own! These are so cool that I also sent a couple to my long distance BFF and I wasn’t even the one who had to ship them which was a nice added bonus!

WayHomeDecor Cotton Linen Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover Cute Elephant 18 “X18 “



Saving Money on a Cross Country Move


Since my last post my husband and I moved to Texas. We flew into town for my husband’s interview on June 18th. That weekend we were determined to find an apartment if he got the job. After looking at 12 apartments we found the one. We flew back to Florida awaiting the news whether or not he got the job. Well he did and he started on the 3rd of July! We had been thinking about moving to Texas for a few months and in that time we decided we would be taking the bare minimum of household items. After a very successful yard sale (read about it here) and selling things online. I was able to get rid of our furniture.

Here are a few frugal things we did to save on our cross country move.

  1. We decided to attach a hitch to our Honda Accord and tow a 4×8 trailer. Whatever didn’t fit in the trailer stayed behind. Renting a Uhaul to tow our car would have been around $1500 where as a trailer and permanent hitch was around $400.
  2. We only took one piece of furniture. The rest was kitchen stuff such as our crockpot, toaster, waffle maker, and George Foreman grill. We also brought household items such as canvases and other items that hold sentimental value to us.
  3. Our apartment offered a $99 deposit/application special because my husband works for one of the big tech companies here.
  4. We bought out couch from Big Lots. My husband actually arrived in TX a few weeks before I did and he found our sectional couch for $700. Now we have never spent more than $45 on a couch before so $700 is a lot, but compared to other furniture stores this was a steal.
  5. Initially, my husband slept on an air mattress he bought from Walmart. He priced matched with an amazon deal and saved money on the mattress. Now we have a mattress for company to sleep on too!
  6. We bought our mattress from Ikea. We live 5 minutes away from Ikea and a mattress store. We decided to check out the mattress store first and upon seeing that the cheapest mattress set was $1500 we made a bee line to Ikea. Our mattress was around $350.
  7. Downsizing from a 3 bedroom house to 1 bedroom apartment has saved us money on utility bills. Our rent is actually more, but in the amount we are saving in electricity it works out to be the same.
  8. For signing up with our electric company they gave us a 2 night stay in select hotels across the country. I still need to do some research into this deal, but if it works out expect a post about it.
  9. We are slowly buying furniture/ decor for our new home. Since getting rid of all our possessions we really do not feel the need to buy items for our house that do not have a purpose.
  10. We discovered grocery stores we did not have in Florida and have learned how their sales work. For example, I do most of my grocery shopping at HEB, but about every other week Sprouts has boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.88 lb. My husband and I basically only eat chicken breasts so I stock up and freeze the chicken.
  11. HEB also has self-serve spices. This has saved me lots of money because I can buy the exact amount of spice I need for a recipe without buying a whole bottle. Usually it only costs around 10-20 cents for a small package of whatever spice I need.

Whoa! So much free Victoria’s Secret stuff!!!!


I have been receiving so much FREE Victoria’s Secret stuff lately I’m not even going to be able to use all of it!

I received my new Victoria’s Secret card in the mail (top left) and it came with a FREE $10 Angel Reward Card. I also received a FREE $10 Happy Birthday Angel reward card. These two cards were free because I have their credit card (with a zero balance of course!) but I receive a lot of other stuff that is free that doesn’t require a credit card.

I also received 2 Free Panty Coupons and a FREE travel size item at Bath & BodyWorks their sister company. Yay!

I am probably going to use the gift cards to buy some Christmas presents/stocking stuffers. I love free shopping!

If you want to find out how you can receive free stuff from Victoria’s Secret too please click HERE.

Swagbucks is going crazy today! Just won 100SBs for searching!


2015-09-30 11.01.26

Swagbucks is having a crazy day where they give away tons of SBs. I didn’t know that and was just doing my regular searching and I won 100 SBs! Yay! That is equal to $1 in free gift cards. You can see a screenshot of my win above!

I cashed out a $25 Amazon gift card last week!
If you are interested in a legit way to earn free gift cards or even PayPal cash this is it! Click below to join through my referral link and we will both win free SBs! 
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9-27-15 Sunday Frugal Summary


Pickles (in the picture), as always, finds new ways to entertain herself! Since this picture was taken we have been trying to reduce the number of water bottles we buy.

School has started again! I’m now teaching at two colleges, on three different campuses, for a total of 6 classes! Life is busy but I LOVE college teaching! You might think that I wouldn’t have the time for any frugal activities but I’ve actually managed quite a few in the past few weeks that surprise even me.


Frugal Successes

– Earned a $25 dollar Amazon gift card through Swagbucks!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

I'm a Swagbucks Influencer - Start Earning Now

– I waited until my new insurance kicked in to get allergy tested. I hated having to wait but it was only $35 on my new health care plan! Saved- ~$120

– My mother treated B and me for dinner last night at our favorite Mexican restaurant which was very nice of her and we had a great time!

– We have been doing really well with not getting take out since school started besides for a few lunches and this is a huge savings especially as the beginning of the semester is exhausting so it’s really tempting to have something delivered to the door for dinner

– The keyboard on my laptop is acting up :( this is a bummer since I use it nonstop for work. I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet and I’m trying to fix it but in the meanwhile I bought a $2.99 USB keyboard from Goodwill. Not buying a new laptop Saved- ~$700

– Still love streaming TV online instead of having cable. Even better streaming it on our Goodwill flat screen TV!!!!!!!!

– Bought an inexpensive gift for a friend and had it delivered directly to her house from Amazon! The bonus being I didn’t have to pay to mail it!

– Brought my brother and I’s pet snake home from my mother’s house since my brother who was taking care of her moved out. We got an expensive metal stand for her tank when my sister and bro in law moved.

– My friend was nice enough to give me a ton of expensive suit jackets that had been given to her. I will wear some of them to teach and the rest I passed on to my mother and her teacher friends.

– I rode with B the 45mins to my home town, where he works, so I could visit my mother. This saved gas and toll money from us not driving separately to go to the same place. Mom also gave us cereal she had bought us and some other stuff that we will use.

– B found his missing guitar at my mom’s house that somehow ended up there when we moved.

– We ate some apples that were starting to wrinkle but were fine on the inside. Just because fruit doesn’t look 100% perfect doesn’t mean it’s not still good.

– I made banana bread from some bananas and yogurt that were about to go bad. After I had almost everything mixed I realized that I didn’t have any eggs so I used a white vinegar and baking soda substitute and it worked perfectly.

– B and I are carpooling to the university on Tues and Thurs which means less gas money, less time spent parking and about $200 saved on a 2nd parking permit.

– We made spaghetti from noodles and sauce my sister gave us and we only had to buy ground meat and cheese.

– We have been refilling water bottles instead of buying water which is a huge savings. One of the colleges I work at has fantastic water bottle filling stations instead of just water fountains. The water is filtered, sanitary, and counts how many plastic bottles aren’t used because of this (not to mention money saved not buying them).

– B adjusted the joint on our creaking door instead of buying and spraying chemicals on it. We would have tried coconut oil, a natural solution, first but buying WD40 was the first thought in each of our minds.

– There are a few things that I have wanted/needed to buy on but didn’t want to spend the money so I used Swagbucks to earn a $25 gift card and my reward credit card points for another $25 gift card. I may use a left over $50 gift card to buy Amazon prime and get more free streaming shows and free 2 day shipping. It’s half off for $49 after my student trial but that still seems like a lot of money to me.

– Gas is under $2 a gallon right now in our part of FL. This is a frugal win even though I didn’t have to do anything besides filling my tank like usual.

– I wear my $4.99 Goodwill heels to teach almost every day. The brand is comfort plus and they are great!

– I sold more books on eBay which is a nice little way to make extra money!

– I haven’t bought any new teaching clothes since school started, mostly because I have been too busy.


A few things I will be posting about soon-

– Finding a version of my $12 face cream at the .99Cent store, yay!

– Finding my allergy medicine at Dollar Tree

– Getting a ton of free stuff in the mail from Victoria’s Secret


Frugal Flops

– I would rather have the air on colder at night in boiling central Florida to help us sleep than save money on the electric bill and wake up from the heat.

– We now have another pet, the previously mentioned pet snake, and although pet snakes are relatively inexpensive, any pet is an expense. She is my responsibility, although I didn’t realize snakes live so long when I got her in high school but I do love her so I’m not unhappy to have her back.

– Having to buy a HEPA filter air filter for my allergies, not that expensive but I have a feeling buying a HEPA filter vacuum will be.

– Forgetting a load of wash in the washing machine and having to rewash it, honestly I hate wasting water as well and my time!

Mixed Frugality

– After debating for a long time I finally bought Amazon Prime for half off $49 after my student trial. I used a FREE $50 gift card I received from using my credit card rewards. I HATED to spend the $49 (although I know most people pay $99) but I will definitely use the online video streaming and the two day shipping. This has made me less hesitant to buy products off of Amazon, which is good when it’s cheaper than in a store but bad if I end up spending more money. So far though, this seems to be mostly saving money.

Chemical Free Living

– I stopped buying chemical free dish soap because compared to regular dish soap I find it to be too expensive, instead I started making my own until I realized that using the chemical free bar soap that I find at Dollar Tree (Suga Soap Brand) is just as effective and lasts a long time

– We ran out of our Trader Joe’s Dishwasher Detergent which is chemical free and really affordable but the store isn’t that close to us so instead we bought Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent for about $4. I think it has come down in price and we are very happy with it.

– Made a batch of chemical free laundry detergent for my brother and his gf when they told me they were going to buy Tide. Tide detergent something I could never picture spending my money on but I know many people do.

– I put some Güd by Burt’s Bees lotion on my legs and broke out in hives on and off for an entire week. I have heard that Güd isn’t as chemical free as the regular Burt’s Bees line of products and now I think this is proof. I have returned to using organic coconut oil in place of lotion.

R2D2 Dress Costume for only $6.15 Shipped

In honor of the new Star Wars movie, I’m posting about thisR2D2 2.0 Dress  available on amazon for just $6.15 shipped. Click the picture above to see the listing. I think this would be great for a Halloween costume or going to see the new movie when it comes out!

*Affiliate Link Included

42 inch Flat screen TV from Goodwill for $120

2015-07-24 18.12.07So I have written about how we bought our 46 inch TV for $150 but recently the screen died and that was our only TV. When we moved in December we decided that we really didn’t need or use our bulky tube TVs and if we wanted to watch TV in another room we could do it on our laptops/computers.

My sister and brother-in-law were nice enough to let us borrow one of their TVs but then they moved and it was time for us to buy our own TV anyways. Well coincidentally my sister and I went to Goodwill and they had just put our the above 42 inch TV for $125 dollars. I still have a student discount so I was able to get 10% off! That basically took care of the tax so the total was $120! It also happens to be the exact same size as our 46 inch TV so maybe it has a wider border around the screen or maybe they were wrong about the size.

I’m going to be very honest and say that there was one minor problem with the TV. There was a line that appeared in the screen after 5+ hours of use a few times but that has completely stopped which is odd. I’m not naive enough to think that this problem won’t reappear at some point but for now it’s gone and its been gone a lot longer than it appeared. The TV came with a remote and has all of the right HDMI plugs and everything. Honestly, I can’t say how much we love this TV! And the price was right! I am determined to stop buying new when possible and I didn’t expect to find a flat screen TV but I’m glad I did.

We love to stream TV instead of paying for cable. If you would like to try Amazon Prime for free click below to get a free month trial and help us out through our affiliate link.

9-4-15 Recent Free in the Mail

2015-09-01 15.50.59Here is one picture showing all of the stuff that I have received free in the mail recently. By recently I mean the last couple of  months since I started signing up for free stuff again.

I received-




Lots of coupons

Cat food

A variety of free product coupons including canned cat food, protein shakes, underwear

A lot of feminine care products

To see some of the other cool stuff I get for free click HERE to go to my Free In The Mail Category.

Thanks, to for posting most of these freebies that I signed up for and be sure to check out their sites for even more freebies.

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