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10-31-16 A Few Frugal Things


A Few Frugal Things-

– We just got off a plane back from Texas and my sister’s baby shower the night before Halloween and then I worked all day today and we had no desire to go out! This means we didn’t have to pay for anything including costumes. And because our neighborhood isn’t the type that hand out candy we saved money there too.

– I didn’t bring anything extra home from Texas so I didn’t have to buy an extra bag. We did carry on a couple of things we ended up with that we wanted to bring home.

– I needed new mascara and my sister gave me one in an expensive brand. It works great!

– We were exhausted and had way too much to get done so we really wanted take out but I was too tired to pick it up and we have way too much food in this house after stocking up before the hurricane. Instead I made wings and pierogis that we had in the freezer with canned peas.

– Gimil was a skeleton for Halloween. His costume is handed down from our cat Pickles who wore it last year.

– I got the stomach flu and then B got it. If I’m being honest I would rather have been at work but if there was a silver lining it was that the one day I missed of work was my longest day of the week that required the farthest drive. So I did save a small amount of money on gas, tolls and food.

– I had a ton of laundry to do and our dryer was running behind. I ended up hanging at least 7 rugs and one blanket to dry so that it would speed up the process. I didn’t want to wait for them to air dry but it worked out great. I hung more rugs to dry the next day.

– It’s getting cooler in FL so we are saving money on our electric bill

– The puppy has had some accidents in the house so I steam cleaned all of the floors today. It’s chemical free and dirt cheap since all that is needed is water and the steamer. This has worked well for us.

– We are working hard on potty training the puppy which means we are getting a lot of exercise walking and we had a lot of fun running around on our apartment tennis court since we don’t have a fenced yard

– Bought a new shower head for $20, the old one was spraying odd ways. I didn’t think this was frugal until I realized how much longer my showers had been because I was having trouble rinsing my long hair. Yay for saving money and making life easier.

– Went grocery shopping today at Publix. ALDI is definitely cheaper except for their sales and B1G1s but they are a great employer in our area and “Shopping is a pleasure” so we still shop there when we need items that ALDI doesn’t carry. Well we got lucky and almost everything we had to buy was on sale, B1G1 or as cheap as ALDI.

– Got plastic shopping bags with our groceries so I can put off buying doggie bags for the puppy.

– Made a crockpot meal Sunday night so we have dinners for next week and won’t be tempted by takeout.

– We early voted so we don’t have to miss any work next week.

– Our snake was having trouble shedding so I bought her a pumice stone and she loves it! It came with a two pack so we got one too!

– Ate leftovers for lunch Sunday so that we could clear the fridge for new groceries and waste less food.

– I bought puppy stairs from a friend on a local Swip Swap Facebook Group. I saved money, helped a friend and she even delivered them.

– I joined a new Facebook group called Fluff Love Sewing and I’m enjoying getting a lot of inspiration from their projects!

– I was able to skype in to a meeting instead of driving to campus on my usually work from home day which saved time and gas money

Not So Frugal Things-

– Buying stuff to make our lives with the puppy easier like an outside play pen since our yard is not fenced, puppy stairs so he can reach the couch, a better leash, etc. The kind of things we could do without but can afford not to have to. We are careful with our money so that we can afford items that make our lives easier.

Frugal Goals-

– Save up the money for a house down payment and then pay off all remaining debt

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11-6-16 A Few Frugal Things


(He is so happy to be adopted!)

A Few Frugal Things-

– We canceled our weekend trip out of town a couple weekends ago to stay home with the new puppy and had so much fun doing things around town and we saved a LOT of money

– We just flew to Texas for my sister’s baby shower. We created a hacker fare by buying one way tickets on Frontier and Allegiant, both discount airlines so the total including our seats was less than $100 round trip.

– None of us paid for a bag for our three day trip so we will all just pack in our free personal item bags. I can pack for a week in a rolling laptop bag.

– I’m getting lots of free exercise when I’m walking our little guy and we are doing a lot of stuff with him that doesn’t cost a thing like going to an outdoor art festival, playing on the tennis court, going on a hike, etc.

– We were able to buy most of the puppy’s new toys and treats from Dollar Tree, all with the necessary Made in the USA label for safety reasons

– I was given a couple of gift cards for my birthday and I’m excited to go shopping for FREE, I might even get something that isn’t practical!

– My mom, my day and Brant all treated for 3 separate dinners for my birthday. I feel very loved!

– We had fun going to a free art festival and taking the puppy. It was a really nice day.

– I LOVE, LOVE spending time with the new puppy and having to walk him several times a day is good exercise and fun.

– We had leftovers from several different places in the fridge but most included rice and we mixed them together for another great, healthy meal.

– The puppy came with a free vet visit and we are using it for the rest of his puppy shots.

– I had a class party with one of my classes that was ending and everyone brought in so much food that is was free lunch. I ended up taking home cupcakes, a bag of snack size candy bars, a gift bag, and plastic cups.

– We went out for Sushi and found a great new place with inexpensive prices and go lucky to go on a night when they were having a lot of discounts.

– I made an easy crockpot meal for dinners for this week

– Still bringing my lunch to work instead of buying it

– I can make my own tea and coffee at work instead of buying it

– I was able to buy a few small items I need off of Amazon and I will save the packaging to use for my eBay business

– My brother passed along his dog’s kennel to us after she was potty trained. We didn’t end up using it so I’m extra glad we didn’t buy a new one.

– My schedule makes it nearly impossible to visit my favorite thrift store on their half off day which stinks but also saves me money

– I’m doing better about printing and making copies at work instead of at home so I’m saving on ink and paper costs

– We got together with our friends and met at the house for drinks before going out for sushi. It was fun and fairly frugal and they loved the new puppy!

– The puppy is only 7lbs so he gets cold really easily. He actually seems to like wearing clothes to keep warm. We went to the pet store and looked at dog clothes that were incredibly expensive and said no way! I ordered him a few things off of Amazon and also found a pattern online that I could adapt to make him more clothes on my sewing machine.

Not So Frugal-

– We splurged and bought the puppy a few new toys from the pet store to celebrate his adoption. Worth every penny! There is nothing cuter than an adorable puppy playing with his adorable toys and I know he will use them until they fall apart. He carries them from room to room and plays nonstop.


Extra Income

– I continue to do a few online jobs here and there and I currently have enough recently for about $50 in Amazon gift cards. These jobs usually pay about $10 and I do them when I have free time but I would probably earn twice as much if I made sure not to miss any as I frequently do when I get busy with my full time job.

– Update- Did $30 more of online work this week in about 20mins while I was waiting around at work

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10-8-16 A Few Frugal Things- A New Puppy and a Hurricane


We adopted a new puppy and survived hurricane Matthew all in one week!

A Few Frugal Things-

– Our new puppy is a Chiweenie and we adopted him from the Orlando Pet Alliance (formerly the SPCA) and I can’t recommend it enough. He was a breed we wanted and a fraction of the price people we know paid for their Chiweenie. Plus we absolutely believe in Adopt Don’t Shop!

– The puppy came with all of his shots, he is fixed, he is microchipped, and has one free vet visit. Not only is this saving us money but also a lot of time and energy!

– We survived the hurricane without any real damage! Our tree lost a lot of branches but they just filled the backyard, nothing else. Yay! Could have been so much worse! We didn’t even lose power.

– We already had a pet harness and leash that we bought for our friendly cat who didn’t like them. They were almost the perfect size for Gimli but I sewed a couple of extra lines on the harness on my sewing machine to make the harness fit perfectly and we can take it out if he gets bigger. We also already had extra pet food and water dishes.

– My brother gave us his dog’s old crate that they no longer use for the new puppy but so far we haven’t needed it yet either.

– I made Gimli a dog bed using my sewing machine, $2 for 2 car cleaning cloths made of the softest material, and a body pillow I had set aside to use as stuffing.

– They gave us a bag of expensive puppy food at the shelter but Gimli doesn’t actually seem to like it very much which makes it a lot easier to switch to another puppy food. I’ll mix it into the food he does like so it doesn’t go to waste.

– I bought a bunch of dog toys at Dollar Tree and also some of our hurricane supplies which saved us a lot of money.

– No eating out for us between a new puppy and a hurricane.


Not So Frugal Things-

– We stocked up on a lot of things for the hurricane that we didn’t end up needing but personally I consider that a win because 1) We were incredibly lucky and could have just as easily needed everything we bought and more and 2) All of it will still get used. My thoughts are with those who were so much more strongly affected than us.

– We did have to buy paper towels to clean up after the new puppy who isn’t yet housebroken but he is doing great! Hopefully that will be a one time purchase.

Frugal Goals-

– It has been really nice to have a great new position that includes a steady paycheck. It has helped me to adapt to my new job to not have to be so worried about our budget but maybe I should worry more so I can save even more money now.

9-23-16 A Few Frugal Things


I am posting this a little late but I’m still sharing because I’m proud of my efforts to save money!

Extra Income

– I agreed to cover another professor’s class for one session while she is out of town, apparently I will be paid for this

– I redeemed enough Swagbucks.com points for another Free $25 Amazon.com gift card

– Going to do another $10 online job that will take less than 5 minutes

– I need to work on some eBay listings, maybe I will have time today

– I relisted some unsold eBay listings for free


A Few Frugal Things-

– Watching The True Cost on Netflix which is all about the fashion industry and it’s negative impact on our planet and our people, it has reaffirmed my commitment to not buying any brand new clothing for a year. Even after this year is up I will continue to buy almost exclusively second hand but I may also expand to occasionally supporting companies that create new products with their workers and the environment in mind, like People Tree.

– I have also been thinking lately about how I can throw a couple of baby showers more sustainably and also have a more sustainable Christmas. One of my friends recently commented on reusing gift bags which is something we also do but this year I want to master making reusable gift bags. I’m going to start looking for Christmas colored sheets at the thrift shop to use as fabric.

– I just cleaned the cat box by emptying it into a large plastic target bag instead of a trash bag I would have had to pay for, I wanted a cleaning face mask since I am allergic to the cat so I cut a large strip off of a cotton shirt and tied it around my face instead, I sprayed it out with rubbing alcohol and will refill it with ALDI cat litter that is less than $3 a jug

– I needed some dry erase boards that I couldn’t find at the store but I found them on eBay 5 for $7 including shipping and I get to support another eBay seller

– One of my students told me that she couldn’t afford to buy dress pants that she needed for my class and I encouraged her to buy second hand

– I have needed to get a few things for my new offices on two different college campuses. These items fall into two categories: 1) items I need for teaching and 2) decorations so that it actually looks like someone works there instead of just an empty office. I was able to bring many of the items from home such as little knick knacks that I already owned that help to make my office more welcoming to me and my students. I also have been adding small items that my students have been giving me like origami and printing a few inspirational sayings. I bought a few minimal things like coffee bags from Amazon and a few storage containers from Dollar Tree.

– The college I work at continues to frequently feed us free lunch which is always a nice treat

– I lent my father my rolling personal item bag that is free to take on an airplane.

– I have been trying to do better about making copies at the school instead of using my own ink and paper at home

– I continue to bring work lunches from home which is a huge savings


Not So Frugal-

– Having my tablet and phone bite the dust in one week is not especially frugal but I was able to replace my tablet which I needed for work with a Kindle Fire for $49! It’s fantastic! I really can’t believe the price! Who needs an iPad?

– I replaced my phone with one I bought on the way to work from the Metro PCS store. It was very affordable and my unlimited everything plan is only $30 a month and works great in our area. Who needs an iPhone?

– Needing two of many items to leave at two different college campus offices isn’t the most frugal (although not very expensive either). The small cost has been worth the huge benefit of not hauling all of my stuff back and forth which has been affecting my feet and back.

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