How to Make Un-Paper Towels


I love the idea of Up-paper towels! We are all about reducing waste and saving trees. We have been using rags instead of paper towels around the house for years but now you can bet I will be making some of these!

Un-paper towel how to:

Step 1: Cut squares of prewashed flannel and terry 12×13 inches.


Step 2: Pin right sides together.


Step 3: Stich all around the outsides with a ½ inch seam allowance. Leave about a 2-inch hole to be able to turn the towels right side out.


Step 4: Clip the corners and push your finger into each corner to make sure it is pushed out all the way.

Step 5: Turn the towels right side out.


Step 6: Top stitch around the outside of the towel with 1/4” seam allowance and once through the center of the wipe. Make sure to fold in the area where you left the hole to turn.

Step 7: Add snaps, if desired.


Step 8: Add the following message!

Tutorial Created by @supereatingbaby on Instagram and

Thank you to @supereatingbaby for the awesome work and for sharing with us! 

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