Why You Should Always Browse the Clearance Section

I was at my local Walgreens a couple days ago when I spotted a cart containing the stuff pictured above. I don’t generally carry a lot of coupons on me when I go shopping, mostly just the ones I hope to use. I still like to browse the clearance sections at stores to see if I see anything that I know I have coupons for at home. The problem was that I would often forget exactly what was there and the prices. Now that I have a smart phone (that I bought secondhand for really cheap by the way) I have started taking pictures so that I can go home and look up any coupons I might have.

You can find coupons that are available for any product by using free coupon databases on different websites. I most often use the coupon database on SouthernSavers.com. I did find some coupons that would have made some of this stuff even cheaper, but I didn’t find any coupons that would have made anything free or dirt cheap which is always my goal. I didn’t end up going back this time but I’m glad I looked because this is always a chance to get some free stuff.

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