How We Got a 46 inch Flat Screen TV for $149

Yesterday we had an extremely frugal day! Since we moved into our new house several months ago we have bought very little. My boyfriend and I both agreed that we wanted a flat screen TV but we also didn’t want to spend frivolously when we have other tube TVs in the house that work just fine.

When we moved into the new house and signed up for AT&T U-verse, which included a great introductory special, they unexpectedly gave us $150 in Visa gift cards just for signing up. I had also been saving $200 in Visa gift cards that I had received as a bonus from my old job.

Which TV to buy? We looked for months and decided that we were willing to each pay a little more out of pocket to get a better (aka bigger) TV. My boyfriend found the one we wanted at Best Buy online for $499. The downside was that we had to drive about a half an hour to get it from by where we used to live. The good thing was that even though it cost more in the store they price matched it for us to the cheaper online price.

On the way, I was able to stop at a book store that doesn’t have a branch by where we live and sell 3 books I no longer wanted from my huge library for $22 cash.

I was also able to redeem a couple of coupons for free items at stores in the Best Buy plaza that I had been holding onto since before we moved. We got a free caramel apple at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and we got a free gourmet cupcake at Sweet.

After getting back in town we went to the County Fair for the last night of fun, rides and shows. A close relative of mine is one of the managers so we were able to attend for free! We also got free ride bracelets. Yes, that is a picture of a tiger jumping through a flaming hoop! We brought the free candy apple with us to save on food cost and no one knew that we hadn’t purchased it there.

After the fair, we went to Target and met up with a relative who bought some of the cables we needed for the new TV with their employee discount. So we were even able to get the TV cables 15% off.

After that, we went home to play with and watch our new TV. For us it is a good investment because we love being at home watching movies and playing games. This TV allows us to connect our computers to the TV so that we can watch free streaming internet movies and TV shows on a large screen. It’s always more frugal to stay home than to go out so I feel that investing in your home is a great idea and luckily we love being at home. 🙂

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  1. Magnificent! (As usual. 😛 )

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