11-24-11 Thanksgiving Day/Black Friday at CVS

These are my “Black Friday” deals at CVS. The deals actually started Nov. 24th at midnight so I went at about 1:30am because I didn’t want to be there right at midnight to fight the craziness but I am night owl. The employees at the store told me I just missed the huge line that had extended to the back of the store.This actually worked in my favor because there was almost no one in the store and the staff was great about helping me do multiple transactions, which I usually don’t do.

I was excited because they still had almost everything in stock. I didn’t have a preplanned list of transactions because I know that often they will be out of one item that forces you to redo your plan in the store anyways.

My strategy was this, collect all of the items I was going to buy and then, because almost all of the items were free after ECBs (CVS dollars), I split them into transactions of as close to $15 as I could get so that I could keep reusing the $15 ECBs so I had a much lower out of pocket cost.

I started with $5 ECBs from earlier this week. The only transactions I used coupons on, besides for store dollars, were the first two. The items in the first transaction were the ones that I would make a profit off of or get back more store dollars than cash spent. I did this intentionally because that way I got my initial $15 ECBs for only about $4 out of pocket and the rest of the money I spent on the other transactions was mostly tax or the slight difference in balances and ECBs from the previous transaction.

Transaction #1

Spent- $4.68 Saved- $13.74

Transaction #2

Spent- $1.36 Saved- $20.22

Transaction #3

Spent- $.59 Saved- $18.67

Transaction #4

Spent- $1.75 Saved- $22.21

Transaction #5

Spent- $.65 Saved- $17.86

Transaction #6

Spent- $.63 Saved- $10.35

Totals for all 6 transactions-

Spent- $9.66

Saved- $103.05

Still Have- $14.37 ECBs That’s like getting paid to take all of this out of the store!

If you would like to see a list of all of the CVS deals and coupon match ups SouthernSavers.com has a great list HERE.

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