1-18-12 Frugal Reflections- Being Sick and Dishwashers

When you’re sick, it makes it so much harder to get anything done! Almost my entire family is sick right now. Not just with colds. I have a sinus infection and two ear infections and my boyfriend is really sick as well. For the first few sick days we threw our hands up and gave up on any housework and focused on getting better. Now that antibiotics have kicked in and I have a small amount of energy I am determined to start doing small things that need to get done.

I looked at the couponing drug store deals for this week and I decided that there wasn’t anything I really needed. I was excited last week to get to stock up on some household items and especially dishwasher detergent.

We do use our dishwasher for several reasons-

1. I have researched and read that using a newer energy efficient dishwasher can actually save electricity and water over hand washing.

2. I prefer to have anything that will come in contact with food be as sanitary as possible so when I hand wash dishes I use a lot of hot water and soap. We are lucky not to need to do almost any prewashing of dishes so that also assures me that my dishwasher saves time, energy and water.

3. We all know the saying that “time is money” and considering 1. and 2. I greatly enjoy the time my dishwasher saves me.

Frugal Things This Week-

1. Staying out of stores as much as possible due to being sick always means less opportunity to spend money

2. Choosing not to coupon as drug stores this week because I didn’t really need anything

3. Making up a huge batch of Spaghetti (one of my comfort foods) mostly from stuff we had in the house at the beginning of the week so that we had easily available food to eat and would be less tempted to eat out

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