My Experience with Natural Toothpaste

I recently became interested in Natural and Organic products after educating myself about chemicals and additives. I also wanted to be healthier. One of the first things I bought was Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste when I got a good deal at CVS. I continued using it until I ran out and then I went ahead and grabbed a tube of regular toothpaste because I had some in my couponing stash.

Within days my mouth was on fire. My entire life I have suffered from severe Canker Sores or mouth ulcers. I have been to doctors but the cause is unknown (they are not the same as cold sores which are caused by a virus) and there isn’t much they can do. Because the sores come and go, I hadn’t made the connection that once I stopped using regular toothpaste I hadn’t had a problem.

The next day, I went to Big Lots to get more Tom’s of Maine toothpaste in the deal I wrote about HERE. I am no expert or doctor but it makes me wonder what is in regular toothpaste that could contribute to Canker Sores, especially because their cause is unknown. Even though I can’t usually find Tom’s of Maine products for free after coupons, as long as it continues to help me, I’m willing to pay a little more.


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