How I Got a Treadmill for $30!

This week I was very excited when I got a great surprise. I have been wanting to buy a treadmill for months now. When I lived at my old, old apartment complex they had a small gym where I would go, usually being the only person there, and watch tv while I ran on the treadmill. However, since I moved out of that apartment complex I haven’t had access to a gym. Although we have been creative with exercising, including running in our neighborhood and playing tennis at the park on our street, I often want to exercise when I’m home alone. We live in a decent neighborhood, but I don’t think it’s safe in general for a woman to go jogging alone frequently. I reached my savings goal a month ago and gave myself a budget of $200 for a treadmill but then a financial setback meant that it wouldn’t be wise to spend the money on a non-necessity.

So imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from a local thrift store that I had asked if they would call me if they got in a treadmill. The nice gentleman who works there told me, “Well we’ll try. If we remember we’ll call.” I figured it never hurts to ask but I wasn’t expecting to hear from them anytime soon. Then, not only did they call me, but they were also saving the treadmill for me and only wanted $29.95! I said, “I’ll take it!” My family cautioned me that I shouldn’t agree to buy something before I saw it, but I had a great feeling about it.

The treadmill is in great condition (although I know you can’t tell from my poor quality picture). It has a working electronic screen, a ski function (how you use it I have no idea), it inclines, plus it’s really, really fast! It’s exactly what I wanted and for $170 less than I was willing to pay too!

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  1. That’s amazing!! 🙂

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