Why I Don’t Pay for Magazine Subscriptions

I have so many magazines in my house right now there is no way I will ever be able to read all of them. And yet, most of them didn’t cost me a cent. Here is a list of how I get free magazines-

1. Get free magazines using Swagbucks.com you can cash in your points for subscriptions directly or you can cash in your points for free Amazon.com gift cards and buy magazine subscriptions. That’s how I got my free subscription to All You magazine. The Banner below is my referral link.

Search & Win

2. Family and Friends– My family gives me more magazines than I can possibly read. Most of which they didn’t have to pay for either.

3. Read USA Today or Parade Magazine that comes free in the Sunday Paper

4. Read Online Magazines– Most magazines now have online components with similar or the same article in the hard copy

5. Sign Up for Free Magazine Subscriptions over the Internet– You have to be careful of scams but I have subscriptions to Kiplinger and Lucky Magazines through free online subscriptions.

6. Get Free Publix Magazines– Offered HERE and they often contain coupons. Once you sign up for one you can click on the links at the bottom of the page to sign up for others.

7. Check them out at the Library– Most libraries now offer most popular magazines to rent or read there

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