Shopaholic Savers Deals- Surprise Extra Register Reward Printing on Walgreens Zephyrhills Water Sale

So Zephyrhills 24 packs of water are on sale for $3.49 this week at Walgreens with $1 RRs. However, one of the employees at my local Walgreens was kind enough to inform me that they are in fact printing 2 separate $1 RR coupons. The second actually says Energizer batteries but all I bought in this purchase was the water. This made the water only $1.49 for the entire pack after RRs. I know in some areas the water goes by a different name so I can’t say this will work everywhere or for how long but it might be worth a shot especially if you were planning on buying it anyways.

So the deal is-

Buy 1 Bottled Water (Brand Determined by Your Local Ad) 24pk $3.49
Get Back (2) $1 Register Rewards (Instead of the Single $1 stated in the Ad)
Cost after Coupons- $1.49 Each

*Shopaholic Savers Deals* are unique deals that the owners of Shopaholic Savers personally come up with and that we have not seen on other sites. Other Bloggers are welcome to repost these deals as long as they also post a link back to us. To see more Shopaholic Savers Deals click the category in the column on the right.

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