Why I Print My Coupons Through Swagbucks

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Many of you have probably heard about Swagbucks.com. It’s a search engine powered by google that allows users to earn points for searching and other activities and then redeem them for gift cards or other prizes. I personally have earned over $80 in Amazon.com gift cards.

I was very excited when they started allowing people to print their coupons.com coupons (the same coupons which can be found and printed on many sites) through their site and then earn 10 Swagbucks for each one you redeem. Those of you familiar with my site know that I use a lot of printable coupons so these Swagbucks add up quickly without me having to do anything I wasn’t already doing. In fact, it saves me time because their coupon interface is easier to use than the current coupons.com system which is hard to navigate. It does take a little while for the points to be added to your account but they are consistent about it. I look at it as just one more perk for using coupons.

verifiedgiftcardsAbove is a picture of my rewards screen showing some of the gift cards I have won. In fact, this Christmas I was able to use them to get most of my Christmas gifts for free! And our motto here is “Shopping is Better When It’s Free!” So if you want to give Swagbucks a try you can click on the banner (my referral) at the top of this post to join.

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