Shopping at CVS and Walgreens Without Coupons


Usually when I got to CVS and Walgreens I plan my trips around the best couponing deals and prepare accordingly. I write a lot about my couponing trips but what happens when you need to go to the store last minute for one or two things that you just have to buy?

I really needed mascara and dishwasher detergent. At CVS there was a deal on Almay but it turned out to be a better deal to buy NYC brand, which is cheaper even without a sale. There was an old tag for B1G1 half off of any NYC products and the nice cashier honored their sign and discounted the mascara anyways. She even gave me half off the more expensive mascara in the teal tube. I decided to try the $4.99 teal mascara and the $1.99 black mascara and then compare them so I would know which one to buy in the future. The teal mascara was definitely better. I also bought the Free After ECB (CVS Store Dollars) Jelly beans.

Then when I went to buy the dishwasher detergent I realized that it was between $7-9 at CVS and they didn’t have a store brand. I had a hundred things to do that day but instead of overpaying at CVS I made myself stop at Walgreens on the way home. I made the right choice because luckily it was on sale for $3.99 and I was also able to pick up some cheap .69 cents macaroni which was also on sale. We like to make black beans and macaroni and cheese as a cheap and easy lunch.

Today’s shopping trips only prove how much money I really save by stocking up when I find great couponing deals on the things I use, but they also show that even without coupons you can still save yourself a decent amount of money by smart shopping.


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