Make Your Own Small Pet Hammock

imageI saw a really cute, little, pet hammock at the Pet store and I thought that Benny (our pet rat) might like one. I didn’t want to buy one without trying to make one first. We have a lot of clothes that we don’t want, sitting in our garage, left over from our last yard sale so I picked out a sweater I thought might work. I cut it below the arms to remove the top and make a double layered square. Then I cut it in half at the seams to make it a single layer. If you use a thinner material you might want to leave two layers but this material was thick enough. Then I took four large paper clips and clipped it onto the top of the cage. And Voilà a free pet Hammock!


imageBenny wasn’t too sure about it at first. She liked the soft material but we did end up putting her house underneath it for more support. Now she likes to sit up there and chill.

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  1. Great idea!! I would have never thought of that.

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