Making Cloth Rags to Use Instead of Paper Towels

imageHaving a Rag Bag used to be common in most households. People used them for dirty jobs instead of paper towels. I remember my Dad having one when I was a little girl. In our household, we don’t buy paper towels. We use reusable wash cloths and hand towels instead which we keep in a drawer in our kitchen and then throw into a kitchen hamper when we are done.

Lately, we have had some messier projects that I have wanted to use something to clean with that I could throw away or wash. I decided to raid our clothes donation pile for items that no one would really want and then cut them up into rags. I turned the items in the above laundry basket into the below pile of rags. It was easy to do while watching TV and now we have our own rag bag/box for cleaning. This was easy, free and fun. Even better, I still don’t have to buy paper towels and now I have less clothing to donate.


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  1. Im going to do this this weekend. Paper towels are so expensive.

    • ShopaholicSavers

      I agree! I refuse to pay for them. I also think that rags or towels seem to work better.

      • I took your advice and made some rags. They work very well. I like to clean my stove top with these. I have been wondering if i could just cut little squares of fabric to make nail polish remover pads. I’ve heard people do this with felt too.

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