4-8-13 CVS Shopping Trip

imageI stopped at CVS today to pick up some prescriptions and I decided to pick up a few things.

I used my coupons for FREE package of CVS store-brand Alcohol Prep Swabs- $2.59 value
They didn’t have the CVS brand but they were nice enough to give me this brand instead.

I also got Physicians Formula Concealer on Sale at CVS for .29¢.

The last thing I bought was this can opener which I believe was $12.99. Ours broke and we needed a new one. I wish that I had been e-mailed a CVS coupon for 20% off before I bought it but it expired yesterday. However, this was still a savings over all but the cheapest electric can openers (like the one that just broke) so I figured it was worth a try before we break down and buy an expensive one.

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  1. Its so hard to find a good electric can opener. That’s why I just use an old fashioned hand can opener.

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