4-20-13 Yard Sale / Thrift Shop / Rummage Sale Finds


So this Saturday was a LOT of fun. We went to the Deltona Flea Market (I wrote about it HERE) and we also went to some thrift shops and yard sales and one fun neighborhood yard sale. I ended up with all of the above loot plus a weed wacker / trimmer for $10 and in total I only spend $24 including the weed wacker.

Here is what I got-

– Weed Wacker / Trimmer $10

– 3 Bath and Body Works Soaps for .50 cents each

– Like New Clothes for .25 cents each- They were also nice brands like American Eagle

– Books for .25 cents or .50 cents each

– New envelopes .10 cents

– Tape .10 cents

– Girl’s Baseball Glove .50 cents

– Antique wooden book/ Bible holder $2

– Some Christmas Craft sets .25 cents each

– And we were given some free pet care kits (in blue bags) from a local vet




imageMy mother bought this antique stroller for $5.

imageI didn’t buy these but they were $4.99 and $9.99 which was a great price because they looked almost new.

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  1. love going thrifting its great getting something for almost nothing. It makes me feel great. Would rather have the money in my pocket than someone elses!

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