Replacing My Ghetto Fabulous Car Mirror


When my car mirror first broke several months ago I panicked and thought it would need to be replaced right away. My father found a new one for me on eBay for about $30 including shipping. Meanwhile, I taped the mirror back on and it worked just fine. I wasn’t sure just how bad or noticeable it looked that I had a mirror held onto my car by clear tape. As a frugal living blogger, I asked myself, was my vanity worth the $30 to replace the mirror? I should mention that my car was bought off of eBay about 7 years ago for $2,000 and it’s still running. I take good care of my car and plan to drive it until it dies but it didn’t seem worth $30 for a cosmetic fix to replace a mirror that was working just fine with a little bit of tape.

However, it was still winter when the mirror broke and I forgot to take into account how Florida sun destroys things! As soon as the weather warmed up the tape melted and no matter how many times I taped that mirror back on it just wouldn’t stay. I gave up and ended up driving around with the mirror hanging off of my car (like in the above photo) and that I knew looked more than a little ghetto fabulous. It took about a month until I could buy a new one off of eBay, wait for it to be shipped and then figure out how to replace it, all the while thinking I should have just done that in the first place.

imageThis is the mirror when it arrived from eBay.

imageThe screws and plug that held the mirror in place.

imageMe, with my long nails, holding the socket set and wrench I used to replace the mirror.

imageThe new mirror finally in place.

imageYou can see how much shinier the mirror on the left of the photo is than the mirror on the right.

So in the end, I probably should have replaced the mirror when it first broke, but I had good intentions trying to save money. I am proud because I replaced it myself, with help from B, when neither of us had ever done that before. It cost a friend of mine over $100 to replace the mirror on their car so I know we saved at least $70.

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