6-30-13 Shopaholic Savers Weekend Update


So because of what happened to my car this month I’m behind where I want to be financially. This is because I have chosen to take the money from my main summer job and put it into my savings and live on the money from my part time job waiting tables. So while I could take the money out of my savings and be done with it, I really want to try not to do that. My car is older and my new job is almost an hour away so I would rather save the money for a new car, but until then I will drive my car until it dies. So, I have been upping my side hustles not counting my summer research job, my part time job and this website.

My side hustles-

Pet Sitting– I was doing this to help out a friend, not expecting to get paid, but she actually put the money in my shirt as I was trying to get away from her.

My online eBay business– I had put this on hold because I have been so busy but things have slowed down a little on my other jobs so I have restarted this and really ramped it up.

Selling to Text Book Sites– along with my eBay business, I also sell books through bookscouter.com to various textbook sites, this month I sent out $100 worth of textbook books and I’m hoping they will take about $70 worth but they pay the shipping so I figured if a book was in questionable condition I would still send it

Yard Sale– we are about to have a yard sale. We were going to do this last month but we thought we were going to be rained out and then it was a beautiful day, too bad it was after we had already canceled

I am planning on writing posts on how to do/get started with each of these individually but I haven’t gotten to it yet because I have been so busy with said side hustles.

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