Free Replacement Otter Box Phone Case

phone1-no nameI have a great phone, a Galaxy SIII, that was a gift for my birthday from B last year. I decided on this phone because it helps me to run this website and also my online business. Knowing that I’m a slightly clumsy person my brother added on to this gift and bought me a very expensive (but cheaper than a new phone or warranty) Otter Box case for it. I LOVE, LOVE that case because I didn’t buy the warranty that came with my phone and I am sure that the case has saved my phone over and over, aka when I dropped it in the parking lot, splashed it with water in the restaurant dish pit, etc. Unfortunately the silicone outside cover has expanded over time and no longer fits well and it has also started to wear out in a few places.

Today at work, I ran into a lady who sells phones for a living and I happened to mention that I wanted to use the warranty to replace my case but had lost my receipt. She informed me that the phone store I bought it at would be able to print a copy, so I stopped on my way home and they did. When I got home I called Otter Box and gave them some serial numbers off of the case and they sent me an e-mail with a link to upload some photos (including the one above but with my name on it) and apparently they are sending me a new case. Yay! I didn’t even need the receipt!

I will post an update when the phone case arrives but that was great customer service, it has saved my phone and now I get a replacement for free? Definitely worth the price my brother paid for it!

*I am not an affiliate of Otter Box nor have I received any compensation for writing this article


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