7-8-15 Thrift Finds

2015-07-06 19.44.58

I have been really sick but one of my doctor’s appointments was near a couple thrift shops we rarely get to go through so I shuffled my way to some bargains.

In the picture above I got-

– A pair of comfort plus black dress heels that I’m sure I will be grateful for on days when I’m teaching and tired $5.99

– Another pair of black dress heels to wear while teaching $5.99

– The absolutely adorable pair of purple dress heels with buttons on them $5.99

– A pair of grey pinstripe dress pants that fit me and don’t even need to be hemmed $3.59

– A small wooden jewelry box that I will probably paint $3

– The red towel holder $2.50 that I will definitely paint (these are a great idea for renters who need a temporary towel holder without drilling into the walls)

2015-07-07 22.04.30

– Express long shorts $3.59

– Sun Dress new with tags, I will be bringing this dress on our California vacation this summer because it is a non-wrinkling material $5.99

– Black Boots $5.99, although I won’t get much use out of these during the summer in Florida I would not find these here during the winter for that cheap so I’m buying them for when it gets cold

2015-07-06 19.45.09

– Tan flowered patterned collapsible tote, great for storage and it will fold flat when not in use $2

2015-07-03 19.18.27

– These two ugly end tables that have good bones for my brother’s new apartment were only $9.99 each, check back for before and after photos because these are going to look great when cleaned and painted!

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