Six Step Tape French Manicure

People often compliment me on my nails, yet I have been in a nail salon only twice in my life. I have been doing them myself for years and no one can tell the difference. This is a fun and easy way to give yourself a great French Manicure at home.

What I use-

– a plastic cuticle pusher

– a nail clipper

– tape (yes tape!)

– a rough nail file

– a fine nail file

– Sally Henson Instant Dry White Nail Polish- You don’t need instant dry but I find that this works best because it is dry by the time I apply the topcoat

– Sally Henson Top Coat with Nylon and Retinol- The top coat you use will determine how long your manicure will last so make sure you get a good one

Steps I take-

1. I file my nails to the shape I want.

2. I push back all of my cuticles and trim them.

3. I file down any rough spots on the tops of my nails and then wipe off any nail dust.

4. I use a piece of tape to create the white tips of a French manicure by putting the tape under the lines on my real nails and then paint the tip white.

5. When I have painted the tips of all of my nails I then go back and paint over them with the top coat.

6. Let your nails dry before doing anything else and you’re done.

Bonus: You can also do this for a French Pedicure although it does take longer to get the white tips right.

Note- I have used different products/versions of these products over the years but this is what I am currently using. I have also done slight variations on these steps so I encourage you to figure out what works best for you.

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