Five Frugal Things:

I have been inspired by The Non-Consumer Advocate blog to write my New Year’s Day frugal things.

1.My husband and I will be going to our apartment gym tonight to workout. Saving us monthly gym fees.
2.While trying and failing to find a barber shop that was open, for my husband to get his hair cut, we found an eyebrow threading shop that had just opened. My husband got his brows done for $5.99 instead of the usual $10.
3.For lunch we stopped by a pizza place where you choose everything that goes on your personal pizza. We had a BOGO coupon making lunch $8.67 for two pizzas!
4.Instead of going out last night and today we have been having a Survivor marathon! We recently ditched Netflix and are now subscribed to Hulu! Only 12 more seasons of Survivor to go!
5.My outfit today was under $50 total. My boots were $9 at Styles, scarf less that $1 at the Goodwill Outlet, AE jeans $5.99 at Goodwill, shirt $3 Salvation army, and my cardigan was a gift!


Our delicious pizza!!

Did you do anything frugal today?


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    I haven’t spent any money this year so far! We will see how long that lasts lol

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