Men’s Suits from Goodwill

2016-02-13 14.16.32

I’m very proud that my father completed a 9 month very intensive training class and is transitioning to a new job. He already owns several suits but needed a few more. We had a huge amount of luck on the same day that I found all of these clothes. The suit on the left fit my father so well he doesn’t have to have it altered in any way!

Starting a new job can be stressful and buying a new wardrobe can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. I’m proud to have a father who is a thrift shopper like me!

2016-02-13 14.24.28

We also found this human to dog radio to play with his dog. Apparently, his dog can tell the difference between the radio and his normal voice so after being startled by it at first he started ignoring it.

2016-02-13 14.18.39

Dad also found this Hard Rock cafe jean jacket! Apparently these sell quite well online but I think he might keep it.

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  1. Congrats to your dad and good luck with his new job. How much were the suits at Goodwill?


      Thank you! Apparently the suits are usually around $30 but the cashier was nice enough to only charge us for separates which are between $3 and $11 each so it was much cheaper!

      • Wow, you lucked out with your cashier! I’m thinking suits are $39.99 at my Goodwill. I think yours is cheaper, judging by the prices you quoted on the other trip too. I’m definitely going to have to check yours out one day. I might find more clothing for my teens too than in my own city.


          I definitely think you would find more teen clothing because of the number of college students who make donations when they move in and out of the area.

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