4-16-16 Community Garage Sale Finds

2016-04-16 11.26.57

A couple of days ago I happened to see a sign for a community garage sale for a nice community down the road from where I live. Today I woke up early quite coincidentally AND remembered the sale and ended up going. I was really excited by my purchases. Everything I purchased above was for .25 cents to $3 but most of the items were $1.

I was really excited about finding some Miss Me jeans for $1 that I plan to sell, as well as Guess jeans and Aeropostale jeans. I’m going to try selling jeans on eBay for the first time so I was excited to find a few deals.

I also bought some clothes for myself including a couple of maxi skirts, some cute tops for our beach vacation, and some Hippie type pants that are very popular right now. In the picture below, I also found a set of three IKEA woven baskets for $1 that I had been wanting to buy at IKEA for about $15-20 but never had.

I love community garage sales because you get to go to so many sales without driving long distances between sales. I really hope I can find a few more this summer!

2016-04-16 11.27.12

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  1. What great finds, especially if you can sell the jeans at a profit!

    There was a community garage sale just a couple of miles down from my house last weekend and I had planned on stopping by but then my husband came along on my outing and he doesn’t have any patience for that sort of thing so I didn’t even mention it. There’ll be others. I used to go to some around the Windermere area, people would have the best prices there because they definitely were looking for getting rid of stuff, not fleece customers.

    • Ney@ShopahoicSavers.com


      I understand what that is like! I will post about the jeans if they sell. That’s a good suggestion to look in the Windermere area but I’ll have to Google Map it. I’m not sure how far that is from here. Do you sell stuff on eBay?

      – Ney

  2. If you’re in the UCF area, Windermere is probably 30 minutes away, tops. Watch out for the cops there, it’s a known speed trap. I think the speed limit is something like 25 MPH throughout the whole area.

    No, I don’t sell anything. I just don’t have the patience for it, lol. I did sell a few books on Half.com last year, but it seemed to me that the amount of work I had to do to list them and then mail them wasn’t worth the tiny profit. Yet I pick up pennies from the parking lot so you would think I would be all over that! Another place where you can make money off the jeans is probably Plato’s Closet. Have you checked there? I think there is one in the UCF area. I used to take my teens to one in Ocoee back when they were into brand stuff.

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