1-31-2018 January and $100 Grocery Budget

(The Puppy loves his repurposed bed, that I made from a thrifted poncho, and sitting in front of the space heater.)

It’s FINALLY 2018! I say that because 2017 was a tough year and it’s exciting to have a fresh start.

A few frugal things

– I am trying for a use it up, make it do kind of month.

– We spent New Year’s Eve at our friends’ party mostly sitting by their fire pit and talking. Fun way to end the year.  I brought cookies that we had leftover. We ate dinner before going because they said snacks only but then they had tons of food so we ate again.

– We slept in the first few days of the year because it has been very cold for FL. We have not turned on the heat at all. We have stayed warm by wearing layers, using blankets, cuddling with the pets, using my heated throw blanket, occasional use of space heaters, and blocking off the sliding doors and fireplace with extra insulation sheets. We have also made a point of cooking and running the dishwasher at especially cold times.

– I spent the morning of Jan 2nd making a meal plan for this month and a grocery list. A lot of frugal people are doing a no spend January and while I’m not, I think I will do a Frugal January. Thanks to a lot of leftover ham, which will be divided into a lot of meals, and other remaining staples in the house, I was able to put together a $100 meal plan for the month. We spent $65 getting most of the groceries today at ALDI and $10 getting a few remaining things at Walmart Grocery. We ended the month having spent $95 on groceries and that saved us at least a couple hundred dollars in groceries. That money saved goes towards savings for a house down payment.

– We have been keeping warm and entertained watching TV at home and several of our favorite shows started again on the 2nd. We had to wait until the 3rd to watch them because we don’t have cable but I know the savings is worth the wait.

– I have been reading free kindle books from the library on my new Kindle that B got me for Christmas.

– My father helped fix some carpet that one of the kittens destroyed in our rental house so that we wouldn’t be charged when we move out.

– I finally found the extra wall paint that our landlords left us and put some in a jar to use for touch ups. This trick saves a lot of time, energy and money when it’s time to move out.

Not so Frugal

– One of the kittens broke the lid on my Yeti style water bottle that I used all the time. I did buy it from the thrift shop for a couple dollars but it might not be quite so frugal to get another lid. I do have another water bottle I will use.

– B broke the cord on the YAMAHA piano keyboard he got for Christmas. I bought the piano at a rummage sale for $20 so even having to replace the cord makes this a good deal.

– My coworker was kind enough to give us a pet water fountain. At the pet store they cost $70. The cats chewed through the cord so now we need another one. Still much cheaper than the fountain would cost new. This is not a great month for cords at our house.

– I bought B a PS4 charger thing at the thrift shop for $2.50 and it was missing a piece. They said I could return it but it’s a small thrift shop that supports a local food pantry and fights homelessness so I am not returning it.

– After a few cold weeks it has warmed up considerably and we started seeing a few fleas on the pets. I am washing ALL of the comfy bedding and rugs that helped get us through the cold. I will try not to put quite so many back out.

Extra Income

– I did another $10 online job

– Waiting for my $50 Credit Card reward card to come in the mail, I’m going to try to use it towards something useful

Harmful Chemical Free Living

– I am still looking for a new floor steam and swifter at the thrift shop. No luck yet but I know I will find them soon.


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