Moving Is Expensive

My boyfriend and I are currently looking for a new place to live. We are being given a dog by a family member so we want to live in a house with a yard. The question that we are debating the most is should we choose a nicer place, in a great neighborhood, that will cost more than we want to spend (although could still afford) or do we want to live in an okay house, in an okay neighborhood that might not be quite so safe. When it comes to houses, do you really get what you pay for?

We are leaning towards spending more for a safer neighborhood and a nicer place. Can you put a price tag on peace of mind? If there was one it might make the decision easier. The truth is, we both like to be home a lot and my boyfriend works nights when I will be home alone. That makes me think that it would be worth it to pay a little more.  Also having a fenced in yard would make it a lot easier to let the dog out at close to 6AM when I wake up for work instead of always having to walk the dog.

At the same time, I know that one of the best ways to save money is to cut back on your primary expenses and housing is our biggest one. Maybe it’s the biggest one for a reason.

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