Organic and Natural Deals

I think it’s safe to say that all of this started with my three New Year’s Resolutions. I wanted to be healthier, do even better financially and be even more green (eco-friendly)!

Little did I know that in January I would stumble across a book called Toxic Free by Debra Lynn Dadd which very thoroughly exposes chemicals residing in our homes and products that we use every day. I was not completely ignorant of this because my mother was always very careful about chemicals she used in our home while I was growing up. These include Bleach, Tilex, Pest Control Sprays, etc. because that’s what they are- chemicals! I was also not as aware as I should have been of the chemicals in items like shampoo and deodorant. I have never used many in my home either but now I am especially conscious of it.

Both reducing the chemicals in my house and eating healthier lead me to wanting to use more organic products when I am able to.

The question then becomes- How do I start replacing chemicals and foods in my house for more Organic, Healthier, Greener options and at the same time not spend a ton of money?

I have decided that I am not going to go through the house and throw away all of our cleaning products and stockpile that I may no longer want to use in my home. What I am going to do is slowly start replacing products when I find good deals and looking for better options.

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