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Natural/Organic Deals- Dollar Tree Find- $1 All Natural Black Currant Jam

imageI was at my local Dollar Tree the other day and found this Lowell All Natural Black Currant Jam. Dollar Tree sometimes has close out items from other stores so I’m not sure if this is something they will regularly carry or not. I have noticed that items like this tend to go fast. We try to buy Organic/Natural products when we can and the last jar of Organic jam we bought was $3-4 so at $1 this is a good price.

The label said-

– All Natural Ingredients

– No Preservatives

– No Artificial Colors or Flavors

Note- All Dollar Tree stores can carry slightly different items, so it may be hit or miss if your store carries it

Dollar Tree Find- Steak Sauce Similar to A1 Steak Sauce

imageI grew up working on a farm and I guess there are some things that are never gonna change (yes, the last part is from a country song). I have always loved steak and potatoes. I also love A1 steak sauce but it can cost as much as $5-6 a bottle so I usually only try to buy it when it is B1G1 with coupons. However, my father discovered this Blazin Blends Zesty Blend steak sauce at Dollar Tree. While won’t say that it is 100% the same I will say that it does have a similar taste to A1 steak sauce. So for 1/5th the price it’s definitely worth trying.

$1 Helium Balloons From Dollar Tree

imageYou might think I’m joking but I live by the shark bite capital of the world and our friend was just bit by a shark. He is a surfer and was the first shark bite of the year. Since he’s going to be okay we got him a balloon with a shark attached as a Get Well Soon gift!

My favorite place to buy helium balloons for special occasions is Dollar Tree. They only cost $1 and they last a really long time. I don’t see the point in spending more than $1 on something that will eventually be thrown away.

Recent Dollar Tree Finds- Garage Sale, Gardening and Kitchen Stuff


I love to go to Dollar Tree and look around. It’s fun to know that I can afford to buy anything in the store. Here are some of the things I found interesting from this trip.

1. Garage Sale Stuff- If you are planning on having a yard sale this summer Dollar Tree has you covered


2. Betty Crocker Kitchen Stuff- They have some really nice small kitchen gadgets all for $1



3. They have a lot of stuff for your garden if you are planning on planting a garden soon you might want to take a look. I especially liked the rectangular garden boxes because we rent and I want to be able to plant some vegetables anyways.

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