Natural/Organic Deals- Dollar Tree Find- $1 All Natural Black Currant Jam

imageI was at my local Dollar Tree the other day and found this Lowell All Natural Black Currant Jam. Dollar Tree sometimes has close out items from other stores so I’m not sure if this is something they will regularly carry or not. I have noticed that items like this tend to go fast. We try to buy Organic/Natural products when we can and the last jar of Organic jam we bought was $3-4 so at $1 this is a good price.

The label said-

– All Natural Ingredients

– No Preservatives

– No Artificial Colors or Flavors

Note- All Dollar Tree stores can carry slightly different items, so it may be hit or miss if your store carries it

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  1. Pefecrt answer! That really gets to the heart of it!

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