Getting $1 Croft & Barrow Towels with Kohl’s Cash

imageI had recently gone shopping at Kohl’s with my mother and sister and I was surprised to receive $10 Kohl’s cash with my purchase. That’s $10 I can spend at Kohl’s at a later date. I had almost completely forgot about it (which is probably what they hope will happen) when my sister reminded me to spend mine before it expires. So on the last day I had before my coupon expired, I went to the store. I couldn’t find any clothing I wanted and didn’t honestly feel like shopping (yes it actually happens!). Then it occurred to me that I  wanted some nice towels for our guest bathroom when we have company over. The towels I bought from Walmart when we moved in for $2 looked worn after the first time I washed them.

I found these two Croft & Barrow towels for $5.99 each. After my $10 Kohl’s cash they were only $2.19 for both. I always associate Kohl’s with clothes and shoes but they do have very nice household items. I’m glad I got something that we will use in our home instead of buying something just because I needed to use up the ‘free’ $10. So if you have Kohl’s cash to spend (they have different expiration dates) and don’t want to buy clothes you might want to look in the housewares for something you need.

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