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Saving Money On Drinking Water- Water Vending Machines

I have written before on the pros and cons of Having A Water Well which for us means that we have to buy drinking water. Before we were paying about .75¢ for a gallon for drinking water at the various grocery stores we shop at. Now I have rediscovered the Water Vending Machines outside grocery stores (near us Publix has them). For .30¢ a gallon I can fill up my water jugs and save more than 50% of what I had been paying for water. For us the .45¢ I’ll save a gallon will really add up because we buy so much water.

I love that I have been able to save 50% of what we used to pay for milk and now I’m saving 50% of what I used to pay for water. Maybe my goal should be to save 50% on everything!

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