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Physicians Formula Concealer on Sale at CVS for .29¢

imageThere are three different colors of Physicians Formula Concealer on Sale at CVS for .29¢. All Physicians Formula products that normally cost $6 or more are currently on sale for $6 off which makes these .29¢. If you’re lucky you also got the $1 off Physicians Formula product coupon in the 3/10 Smart Source coupon insert which will make these free. I didn’t get the coupon but this is still a great deal even without coupons.


Print A Coupon For 100 FREE CVS Alcohol Prep Swabs

cvsprepswabsClick on the link and then scroll down to the lower right part of the page. There you will see an offer to print a coupon good for a FREE  package of CVS store-brand Alcohol Prep Swabs- $2.59 value. These will be great for little cuts and scrapes. No purchase is necessary and this coupon is good until 4/30 so you have a little while to use it.

Thanks, for this deal.

3-19-13 CVS Couponing Trip

imageTonight I quickly ran to CVS at almost midnight when I got off of work. I wanted to take advantage of the cheap Finish deal, especially after paying $3.99 for dishwasher detergent when we ran out, because it really does seem to work a lot better than cheaper dishwasher detergents. I also wasn’t sure when else I would be able to make it to the store. I like shopping at the 24 hour CVS in the middle of the night because there usually isn’t anyone else in the store and the cashier’s don’t feel rushed when you hand them coupons.

So here are the deals I did-

$1.99 ECB When You Buy PAAS Easter Egg Decorating Kit, $1.99 Limit 1
Note- I bought this first so I could use the ECBs on my next transaction

Finish Dishwasher Detergent- On Sale 2/$8
– Used $1.25/1 Finish Quantum Powerball Tabs or Gelpacs in the SS 3/17
Cost After Coupons- $2.75
Note- Not the cheapest I’ve ever gotten it but still an ok price since I’m out

Coca-Cola products, 2 liter, 99¢ Limit 5
-.25/1 Coca Cola, 2 Liter CVS Coupon from the Coupon Center
Cost After Coupons- 74¢

Totals for Both Transactions-

Spent- $12.98

Saved- $19.40


Shopping at CVS and Walgreens Without Coupons


Usually when I got to CVS and Walgreens I plan my trips around the best couponing deals and prepare accordingly. I write a lot about my couponing trips but what happens when you need to go to the store last minute for one or two things that you just have to buy?

I really needed mascara and dishwasher detergent. At CVS there was a deal on Almay but it turned out to be a better deal to buy NYC brand, which is cheaper even without a sale. There was an old tag for B1G1 half off of any NYC products and the nice cashier honored their sign and discounted the mascara anyways. She even gave me half off the more expensive mascara in the teal tube. I decided to try the $4.99 teal mascara and the $1.99 black mascara and then compare them so I would know which one to buy in the future. The teal mascara was definitely better. I also bought the Free After ECB (CVS Store Dollars) Jelly beans.

Then when I went to buy the dishwasher detergent I realized that it was between $7-9 at CVS and they didn’t have a store brand. I had a hundred things to do that day but instead of overpaying at CVS I made myself stop at Walgreens on the way home. I made the right choice because luckily it was on sale for $3.99 and I was also able to pick up some cheap .69 cents macaroni which was also on sale. We like to make black beans and macaroni and cheese as a cheap and easy lunch.

Today’s shopping trips only prove how much money I really save by stocking up when I find great couponing deals on the things I use, but they also show that even without coupons you can still save yourself a decent amount of money by smart shopping.


12-4-12 CVS Shopping Trip- 3 Free Items


– Free 6 Pack of Vitamin Water w/ a $10 purchase at CVS Printable (No Longer Available)

– Free Sprite Zero Coupon From Coke Rewards (No Longer Available)

– Milk on Sale $3.50 with $1 ECBs Limit 2

Free Essence of Beauty Hand Cream at CVS (Still Available at Time of Post)

– Used a Raincheck for the Cereal from CVS Black Friday Sale

Free Essence of Beauty Hand Cream at CVS

The Minute Clinic Facebook Page will e-mail you a coupon for a free Essence of Beauty Hand Cream at CVS!

Stuff I Got at The CVS Thanksgiving / Black Friday Sale

imageI ended up getting some more great free stuff at the extended CVS Thanksgiving / Black Friday sale. I didn’t make it until around 11pm on Saturday only an hour before it ended and they still had some of the items I wanted and I got rainchecks for some they didn’t. I bought the chocolate stick treats from the $1 food section as filler and I paid with my extracare bucks from my earlier shopping that week.

11-18-12 CVS Early Black Friday Shopping

I got a big surprise on Saturday night when I found out that CVS was starting most of their Black Friday Sale on Sunday instead of Thanksgiving night like last year(Click HERE to see my deals from last year). I was very excited with what I got! So excited, in fact, that I went to two stores.


I’m not going to list out how I did my individual transactions, because it would take forever and it wouldn’t help you anyway. Each store will have slightly different items in stock so planning transactions ahead of time would just be a waste of time. There is however a quick and painless method for setting up your transactions in the store so that you save the most money.

1. Go through the store and collect all of the items you wish to purchase (most stores have many items gathered in the front so check there first so you don’t run through the store if you don’t have to)

2. Gather the items that you are getting free/almost free after coupons but will receive back a profit of ECBs (store dollars). For example, the command hooks are $1 and there is a $1 off coupon so the item will be free but you will still receive $1 ECBs. Starbucks Refreshers, Glade Plugins Scented Oil Warmer, and Children’s Advil all have deals where you will receive a nice profit in ECBs. This will be your first transaction. For this first transaction you will pay very little out of pocket and you will receive your profit in ECBs.

Note- If you don’t have coupons for any of the items just start by buying around $6 or $9 worth of items depending on how many transactions you want to do.

3.  See how many ECBs you now have. For Example you may now have $9 in ECBs so put your items into groups of $9 and then pay for each transaction with the ECBs from the previous transaction. This is called rolling ECBs. It will keep your out of pocket costs as low as possible. Some of my transactions today were free, most were paid with coin change.

4. Buy the higher priced items first until you are left with all of the dollar items. These are the easiest to break into transactions.


Store One-
Spent- $7.47
Saved- $49.17
ECBs (CVS store dollars) left over- $9.50
That’s Like getting paid $2 to buy all of this stuff!
# of Transactions- 5

imageStore Two-
Spent- $2.45
Saved- $49.68
ECBs (CVS store dollars) left over- $7
That’s Like getting paid $4.50 to buy all of this stuff!
# of Transactions- 6

imageThe Carmex, Somnapure and Command items all came with additional coupons so take a look because you might be able to use these.

image If you didn’t make it in time to score a deal you really wanted don’t worry. Unlike last year, CVS is issuing rain checks for items they are out of. Remember these never expire so if there is something you think you might use it can’t hurt to ask. They know people are going to ask for these so in some cases they have them pre-written.


If you would like to see the coupon match ups for these deals and other and both did a great job of putting lists together.

10-28-12 – CVS Shopping Trip


CVS Gold Emblem Potato Chips $1
– $1 off of CVS Gold Emblem Potato Chips CVS coupon from the coupon machine
Cost After Coupons- Free

$7 ECB WYB (2) Revlon Cosmetics or Beauty Tools, limit 6
Revlon Nail Clippers, $2.99 or Nail File $3.29
-No Coupons Available
Cost After Coupons and ECBs- Free+

$2 ECB WYB Listerine Advanced, Total Care, UltraClean 500ml or Reach Floss 30-50 yards, $3.99, limit 2
-$1 off Reach Total Care floss item, RP 7/29 (EXP 10/31)
-$1/2 Reach floss items printable
-.50/1 Listerine Antiseptic, Ultraclean, Zero, Total Care or Fluoride Defense, 500 mL or Whitening, 16 oz+, SS 10/28
– $2 off Reach Floss Manufacture Catalina Coupon from Target
Cost After Coupons and ECBs- Free

CVS Toothbrush $1.39
-$1/1 CVS dental care item printable coupon
-25% off Purchase (CVS store coupon) sent via email
Cost After Coupons- Almost Free

The Below Deal is from HERE and is for 4 Cheap Packs of Razors that will also qualify you for  2 FREE Fandango Movie Tickets-
(4) Schick ST2 Razors, 12 ct.,specially marked with free movie ticket offer, $8.99
-25% off Purchase (CVS store coupon) sent via email
(2) B1G1 Schick Disposable Razors, SS 10/07
-$6/2 Schick Disposable Razors printable
Total Due: $2.99 + tax
Note- This did not end up being the price at my CVS store, the 25% off coupon only works after the other coupons have been taken off I watched the % off lower as other coupons were applied I had an $8.98 Total


Shopaholic Savers Deal – Free Gold Emblem Potato Chips at CVS


When I scanned my Cvs card today at the coupon machine I received this $1 off Gold Emblem potato chips. I went to check their price and I saw that there were lots of bags marked at only $1 making them free!

CVS Gold Emblem Potato Chips $1
– $1 off of CVS Gold Emblem Potato Chips CVS coupon from the coupon machine
Cost After Coupons- Free

*Shopaholic Savers Deals* are unique deals that we personally come up with and that we have not seen on other sites. Other Bloggers are welcome to repost these deals as long as they also post a link back to us. To see more Shopaholic Savers Unique Deals click the category in the column on the right.

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