Who Needs Gladware?


When I cook I often make too much food. Sometimes I make large batches of food to share with family or friends. Recently I decided to wash a few empty plastic food containers to use to send leftovers home with my mother. This is something she used to do for me when she would send food back with me to my college dorm room. Following her lead, I used to keep a few of these in the cabinet to use when we needed them or to give away with food and not worry about getting back. I have gotten away from this but I think I should start doing it again. They are plastic that is already in the environment. I figure it is better to reuse them than to buy plastic containers and create a profit for companies that put more plastic into the environment. It’s another use for these containers before they get recycled.

As someone wise once said, I don’t understand why our society has created something that lasts forever and then called it disposable. It just doesn’t make sense. Also, as soon as we can find some good deals we plan on investing in more glass food storage containers that can go in lunch boxes and be heated up without fear of chemicals leaching into our food. I have already replaced most of our plastic bowls and plates with glass or ceramic ones.

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