Shopaholic Savers Deal- Possible CoverGirl Eyeshadow Moneymaker Deal at Publix – A Deal for the P&G Pink Cookware Set


There is a really great possible moneymaker on Covergirl eyeshadows at Publix. Some of the eyeshadows (including the ones in the picture above) are only ringing up at $1.99 when they are regularly $2.99. I’m not sure why this is but I was able to take advantage of this deal HERE to use for my free P&G cookware set. I don’t know if this is only happening at my store or if it is at others as well so you will definitely want to pricecheck these before you checkout.

The Colors That Are Ringing Up at $1.99 at my store are-
– Sapphire Sparkle
– Kaboom Kelly
– Turquoise Tempest
Note- There may be more, these are just the ones I know about

The Deal is-
Buy 2 Cover Girl Eyeshadow  $1.99 each (Special Price) Regularly $2.99
– Use 2 $1 off Covergirl Publix Coupon from the Publix Green Advantage Flyer
– And 1 $3 off of 2 Covergirl Items Coupons PG 9/30
– Or 1 $4 off of 2 Covergirl Eye Item from a magazine
Cost After Coupons- Free + Overage

Even at Regular Price this is still a great deal for the P&G Pink Cookware Set and these will make great stocking stuffers for Christmas.

*Shopaholic Savers Deals* are unique deals that we personally come up with and that we have not seen on other sites. Other Bloggers are welcome to repost these deals as long as they also post a link back to us. To see more Shopaholic Savers Unique Deals click the category in the column on the right.

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  1. I think you have a lot for him !! He is still young, rememeber that. Chad and I are on a litmeid budget as well and with how much grandparents and aunts and uncles get her we usually do 2 things!! I am also doing a lot of snapfish ordering with calendars and things like that. its hard to find things for great deals!

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